Day 15 Narbonne to Frontignan

Posted by: Rob on 16/06/2013

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Day 15
Sun Icon  Sunny and hot

I got up early as I wanted to fix my broken tent pole before I set off. Which I did. I then picked up my usual croissant and PAC but I had also ordered a baguette. I ended up eating most of that too before I left!

I rolled off into Narbonne to head towards Bezier. It was fairly easy to navigate through and I was soon on the open road.

Today the wind had reversed! Right in my face! I wish the wind would have a bit of consistency - it's all over the place! Actually, scratch that - I hope it continues to change its mind and reverse again tomorrow!

It was also very hot right from the moment I got out of my tent at 06:30. By mid morning, it was roasting.

As I got to Bezier, I had a look at the canal, as I kept crossing it and the path did look a bit better, but I stuck to the road mostly. A Belgian guy came up to me at the campsite asking if I had any spare spoke nipples (which I don't) as he'd trashed his rear wheel on the canal path.

Anyway, I carried on back towards the coast. I had just finished a very long, straight section of road (which had the worlds smoothest tarmac btw!) and I was just coming into a village, when I could feel my rear tyre going down.

So I pulled into a nice shady area and changed the tube. In possibly world record time too!

The culprit was a sharp piece of wire. Not a lot you can do about that.

I decided to get something to eat at that point as there was a shop. I had a quiche lorraine and....... an eclair chocolat :-)

The next stretch of the ride was along a really good cycle path with the sea on one side and a lagoon on the other. It was really hard work with the headwind, but it was a nice route.

Once I got to Setes I had to make sure I came out the right side to pick up the road to the campsite I had chosen, which is on a slither of land as you'll see on the map.

Site is nice and very close to the beach. As usual, I am currently having my dinner and trying to decide what to have for dessert....


Leaving in morning
Cycle path
Behind my tent!
Salade de Poulet
Ice cream!

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  Aidan on 18/06/2013

Hotter=more PACS

  Rob on 17/06/2013

I knew where it was, I just couldn't remember how to spell Agde :-)

  pcolbeck on 16/06/2013

Bob the picture that says "somewhere" is of the riverside in Agde. You can tell by the famous black stone cathedral.

  Rob on 16/06/2013

Yeah, that's some sort of river. There are lots of bits of water round here. I've just been for a paddle in the sea. Finally cooled down now. 30+ and sun tomorrow!

  Mum on 16/06/2013

Weather looks fantastic - wish we had some of that here! Setes looks nice - is it on the coast? Looks like a river or canal?

  Rob on 16/06/2013

Yeah! It wasn't very big...

  Kirst on 16/06/2013

An ENTIRE quiche lorraine?