Day 17 Remoulin to Pernes Les Fontaines

Posted by: Rob on 18/06/2013
Hotter than ever!
Banner showing the Pont du Gard


43.75 mi
18/06/2013 07:23 CEST
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
1067.72 ft
830.22 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
512.01 ft
69.39 ft
1054.73 mi
201.49 mi
1054.73 mi
201.49 mi

Day 17

I woke up bit later this morning, but no matter - what I had planned was a shorter day anyway.

My destination was Pernes les Fontaine, not far from the foot of Mount Ventoux, which I shall climb tomorrow!

There are a few closer sites, but I knew for sure that this one had washing machines and WiFi. The others may do too, but they don't specifically say so on their websites, whereas this one does. So my choice was made.

I still got off around 9 and made my way to the Pont du Gard. I didn't realise it was a few miles off the main road, so I had to detour a bit.

I was all excited as I think the P du G was my favourite bit of our holiday here in 1987 (I think!)

Anyway, as I headed towards it there were loads of tourist buses and when I got to the main entrance I had to pay 10 bloody Euro to get in!

I don't remember the massive tourist building before and I'm pretty certain you could just drive over it, but it's all closed off now.

Not to worry though - I could still cycle over it!

It was very much as impressive now as it was 25 years ago. Just an amazing place.

I hung around for a bit to get my 10 Euros worth, mingling with the bus loads of German tourists and for some reason - millions of Australians.

I hit the road again and headed for Avignon. The road was quite up and down and after a while I could see the mighty Ventoux in the distance.

I stopped in Avignon for a bite to eat and a quick look round then continued on my way.

A French guy stopped and asked me where I was going so I told him. He then gave me very detailed instructions, which was nice of him, but I knew exactly where I was going! I think he just wanted to be helpful to a visitor. Our conversation was conducted entirely in English, by the way!

After that there was a very long climb which was pretty tough. It was almost unbearably hot by this time, so I promised myself I'd stop for a rest and drink in the shade at the top.

Once up there, a local guy on a bike also stopped for a breather. We had a little chat. This time the conversation was conducted entirely in French. It was short.

I then tore down the other side and passed an old guy doing what old French guys do best - sitting in the sun doing nothing! He gave me a big round of applause as I passed him!

After that, it was just a case of carrying on to the campsite.

They actually have no camping places left, so they put me on the grass area of an unoccupied chalet which was lucky!

I have just done a load of washing and am waiting for the tumble dryer to finish. All the other stuff is hanging up and will probably be dry already!

I shall probably go for a little stroll before dinner, the details of which I shall post later :-)

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Mum on 18/06/2013 22:08:06
I'm afraid that pictures of Boris's dinners would be very boring - he has the same every day! Unless you count the bluebottles, moths etc - but would have to be quick with camera as he soon devours them!
Kirst on 18/06/2013 21:58:11
That's two votes for a Boris blog.
Karen on 18/06/2013 21:49:55
Great picture of the Pont du Gard. Can you still walk over the top part? Good luck for tomorrow. You could have pictures of Boris' dinners on his blog,as well, but it wouldn't be as appetising as the ones you are posting here.
mikej on 18/06/2013 21:30:34
All respects to Tommy S. Good luck Dad
Mum on 18/06/2013 18:57:22
The half bridge is the one at Avignon, isn't it? (of the song fame). Don't come down the mountain too fast!! Will tell Alan about it when we go on Friday. Are you going to leave all the heavy stuff at the campsite and then go back there afterwards?
Rob on 18/06/2013 19:02:31
Yeah, I'm going to leave everything other than valuables here. It's been bad enough lugging all my kit up regular hills, let alone a notorious mountain!
Kirst on 18/06/2013 18:55:54
I am so disappointed you didn't do a little dance in a circle on the bridge of Avignon! I have to go to the High Court tomorrow for jury service. Fingers crossed I don't get picked. I think it's time we had a Boris update. When you get back you should start a Boris blog. I know it would just be pictures of him sleeping, but I'm sure it would gather a cult following fairly soon.