Day 23 Excenevex to Orbe

Posted by: Rob on 24/06/2013

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Day 23
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I was woken up pretty early by the sound of rain hammering down on my tent. I dozed for a bit longer hoping it would go away. It didn't.

I got up and had a little walk to see what the sky looked like and my inner weather mojo told me it would stop in an hour or so. It did.

So I packed up and hit the road. It was raining on and off all day so it was constant waterproof on, waterproof off. I would've just left it on, but it was too hot when it stopped raining.

The first thing I had to do was get to Evian to catch the ferry across to Lausanne.

I found the terminal in the end even though I didn't see a single sign for it.

I bought a second class ticket for the bargain price of 24 Euro (!)

I had a bit of time, so I got some lunch from the friendliest man in France. He gave me a load of sweets and oddly, a badge with Evian written on it.

I got on the ferry and there wasn't anywhere obvious to put my bike, so I just leant it up in the middle of the passenger lounge!

The crossing took about 40 minutes, which was long enough to have a coffee and forget to get some Swiss Francs.

Once in Lausanne I just headed sort of north and a bit west. It was pointless trying to follow any particular signs as most of them just pointed straight to the motorway.

Luckily I found my way out fairly easily and soon got on quieter roads following signs for Orbe, which is where I'd seen a campsite.

The further away from Lausanne I got, the nicer it got. In fact, at one point I thought to myself "This is so Swiss, all I need now is some cows with bells on". And sure enough, I rounded a corner and there was a field full of them! I don't know how they put up with the constant ding ding of their bells, but they seemed happy enough. Or at least as happy as cows ever seem.

There were some big hills in the distance, but I was pretty sure Orbe would be at the foot of them rather than up them, which it was.

The town seems quite nice and the campsite is good. The guy is very friendly and speaks excellent English as he spent a year in Essex :-P

I've showered and changed and I just nipped into town to get some CHF. I have asked for steak and chips for dinner which should sort me out as I'm starving!


Bike on ferry!
Back to Evian
Cows! With bells!
Little Swiss bridge
Healthy start!
Nicer than it looks!

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  Kirst on 24/06/2013

Important news: the andymurrayometer says he's 82% British today

  Rob on 24/06/2013

Yes everything is still French here. A few German sounding place names though. Just had a long chat with campsite guy, turns out he's a keen cycle tourer too, so we shared our tales of the road over a couple of espressos (I probably won't get to sleep now!)

  Karen on 24/06/2013

Finlay's post crossed with yours!

  Gilbert finster on 24/06/2013

Where's the pain au Chocolat gone?

  Mum on 24/06/2013

You are certainly eating well! Do they speak French in that part of Switzerland?

  Rob on 24/06/2013

I'm back on the pacs! I had 4 yesterday and 3 today. I have 2 ordered for tomorrow morning along with 2 croissants and a baguette...

  Aidan on 24/06/2013

I heard you changed to PAR's (pan au raisins) I see you had no today or yesterday.Why is this?

  simonparrott on 24/06/2013

Melina is not impressed with the presentation of your meal. Nowhere near as good as in France apparently!

  Rob on 24/06/2013

You can have the Evian badge :-)

  Kirst on 24/06/2013

I am disappointed that you haven't posted a pic of the Evian badge, and that the hills aren't Toblerone shaped.

  Rob on 24/06/2013

Well, 24 euro for a ferry trip is pretty expensive! The one I got across the Gironde was only 4 and about the same distance! This campsite is pretty cheap though, as is dinner....

  Karen on 24/06/2013

Did you have any water in Evian? Aidan and Finlay were very interested to hear you had got to Switzerland, but I'm not sure whether they will post tonight as they are playing in the garden and will probably be out there till I drag them in for a bath. Finlay wants to know whether Switzerland is more expensive than France (I told him it was really expensive the only time I have ever been there, but he was a bit dubious about this).