Day 18 - Rest Day

Posted by: Rob on 24/06/2018

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Distance: 8.00 mi

24/06/2018 08:58:49 CEST

Elev. gain: 505.58 ft

Total time: 1:25:26

Riding time: 0:50:42

Ave. temp: 68.00 °F

Ave. speed: 9.47 mph

Max speed: 17.45 mph

Ave. power: 0.09 hp

Energy ex.: 895.84 Btu

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987.39 mi
A day of rest
Sun and Cloud Icon  Mostly sunny

When I woke up this morning, I was pretty certain today was going to be a rest day. Part of me wanted to crack on, but there were quite a few reasons to have a day off. Those reasons being:

The first thing I did was to go into the nearest town about 4 km away. I noticed my front tyre was flat, so I had to fix that first. The nearby village doesn't have much - although it obviously has a Coiffure! Actually, so did the main town - loads of them! And car dealerships for some odd reason. So if you need a haircut and want a new car, Voulte-sur-Rhône is the place to go!

When I got back I put some washing on and got stuff charging up. I had some bread and cheese that I'd bought earlier and knocked myself up a coffee.

There were a few clouds early on, but they lifted just in time to get my washing dry. And dry it did - very quickly!

I headed to the pool for a swim before the football started. Watching it on my phone was a bit painful as the WiFi here is standard campsite ie rubbish. And there's barely any phone signal, so I couldn't use mobile data either. I've been using mobile data pretty much everywhere as a. It's better than most campsite WiFi and b. I get tons of data anyway so can use it at no additional cost.

It's almost impossible to upload photos from here, so there won't be many from today.

I'm now having a coffee after my dinner of mixed salad, satay stick stuff and crème brûlée. It was all very good.

I still feel tired even though I've done very little today, so I'll have an early night and be up early to smash out some miles...


Charging stuff!
The pool
Fixing shoe with repair kit glue

The bottom half of the internet

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