Day 25 - Neuf-Brisach to Rheinmünster

Posted by: Rob on 01/07/2018
Banner showing view of lake at campsite


77.29 mi
01/07/2018 07:05 CEST
10.82 mph
18.79 mph
5251.74 Btu
0.06 hp
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
707.68 ft
960.30 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
648.62 ft
383.86 ft
88 °F
61 °F
1477.73 mi
621.30 mi
1477.73 mi
621.30 mi

Heading north

I had a bit of a lie in this morning, so I wasn't on the road until half 7 or so. There was a Swedish guy, a Frenchman, some Germans and an Aussie in the cycle tourist area, so I said goodbye to the ones who were up as I left. We'd all had a good chat about our travels last night.

I went into the town and picked up a chocolate croissant and an Escargot Raisin. It would appear that's what PARs are called in this part if the world! I got a baguette too to nibble on throughout the day. It was interesting listening to people in the shop - some ordered their stuff in French and others in German. In fact the lady was serving someone in German whilst holding a conversation with a colleague in French!

I started following Eurovelo 15 again, but it was annoying me with its constant wriggling around, so I just got on the main road and smashed it. The roads were deserted what with it being Sunday, so it was all fairly peaceful.

I occasionally got glimpses of the river from the road and a few times I detoured a bit to have a look at some hydro electric thing or watch the giant barges chug along.

I'd busted out a fair few miles by this point and had expected to be closer to Strasbourg than I was. I got off the road and followed a canal path all the way into Strasbourg.

It was a bit of a pain to navigate through as most big cities are. I was starving hungry by now - my baguette was long gone. As always on a Sunday it was difficult to find anywhere open. To be fair, there were plenty of cafes and restaurants open, but I didn't want a sit down meal - I wanted in and out and smash food down! I ended up in McDonald's again, which made me feel dirty!

I somehow lost the cycle path at that point, so just headed in the general direction of where I wanted to go. It took a while, but the signs soon turned up again, so my just head in the general direction plan worked.

I spent a bit of time looking for a campsite. It was a pain as there were either miles away or had terrible reviews, but I settled for one over the river in Germany and headed for that.

As I approached the river I was surprised to see signs for a ferry. I'd just assumed it would be a bridge, but I assumed wrong!

It only took about 10 cars and a few motorbikes, bikes and pedestrians. It whizzed across in no time and didn't cost anything!

The campsite wasn't far up the river and I found it no problem which isn't surprising as it's the size of a town! It's nice though with an area just for tents which I'm in and two big lakes to swim in. There are numerous places to eat and the washrooms are incredible! Huge shower cubicles. We'll, they're more like individual rooms! The downside is there's no WiFi where I am and the phone signal is rubbish. It can't decide whether I'm in France or Germany and it's useless no matter which network I select. Hopefully things will be better in the restaurant I'm about to head to. I did manage to nick a pen from reception to replace the one I have that fell apart, so that's another good point!

Right I am now in the restaurant and the signal is just as rubbish. I did pass through an area where it was OK, so I'll have to post this from there on my way back to my tent, which is about 5 miles away! Well, maybe not quite that far, but this place is massive. Oh, I've gone all German and ordered Schnitzel for dinner 😋

By the way - there is something wrong with the temperature sensor on my Garmin - it is massively under reading the temperature!! 

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mikej on 02/07/2018 17:48:08
Meal looks good Rob, but where are your greens? Stop trying to pretend it is hot out there. Steady 30 degrees C here.
Karen on 01/07/2018 21:15:37
And I see your bike is on the Kraftwerk bridge!
Karen on 01/07/2018 20:58:28
Guten Abend! ( took me a while to write that as ipad kept trying to change it to "gluten a bend!" ) That is a massive barge - what is it carrying?
Rob on 02/07/2018 11:24:26
I think the barge was carrying some type of fuel - there were pipes all over it...