Day 30 - Eschlen to Tiel

Posted by: Rob on 06/07/2018
Mostly sunny
Banner showing long barge chugging down waterway


77.16 mi
06/07/2018 08:00 CEST
10.56 mph
17.90 mph
5104.21 Btu
0.06 hp
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
617.45 ft
712.89 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
147.31 ft
7.87 ft
81 °F
61 °F
1848.99 mi
621.30 mi
1848.99 mi
621.30 mi

Into Nederland

I didn't get away until about 8 this morning as I had the luxury of a cup of tea with Helen before I headed off.

I felt good about today as I had a decent gps track to follow that went straight to a campsite that looked good. 75 miles or so, but even with the later start, that would be no problem - there's not much in the way of hills around here 😛

The route out of Germany towards The Netherlands was excellent. I had no idea where I was as I weaved my way around the quiet lanes, just following the purple line of destiny.

Helen had recommended a place to eat before I left Germany. I think she put a way point on the gps, but I must have missed it as all of a sudden I was at the border. There was actually a sign this time for a change.

Once over the border it was more of the same, but a road I needed to go down was closed for roadworks. Unfortunately it wasn't one if those you can sneak through on a bike - it was full on blocked off!

Anyway, I found an off road fietspad that was absolutely fine and spewed me back out where I wanted to be.

I was getting a bit peckish so kept my eye open for a shop. I eventually found a Jumbo supermarket after a couple of false starts with an undertakers and a washing machine shop. Difficult to tell what these shops are from a distance!

Anyway, Jumbo came up trumps - I got a big sausage roll thing and an apple pastry thing which was surprisingly good. I got a few snacky things to keep me going too.

After that I just kept plodding on. I was feeling pretty tired, but my journey was broken up by three ferry crossings! I don't think I went on a "Normal" road at all. It was all cycle paths or those little roads that occasionally have cars and the odd tractor, but are primarily used for cycling and walking.

So to cut a long story short (we'll, it's not really a story - I just kept cycling!) I eventually arrived at the campsite around 5 I guess. It's a really cool place. The owner is very friendly. I didn't have much cash left and they couldn't take a card, so I haven't paid yet! I have been into town though to get cash and to stuff my face at a Turkish restaurant - loads of food and fairly cheap!

So I shall now head back to the campsite, pay the man and maybe watch a bit of football.

Tomorrow I have about 70 miles to Hoek van Holland. Ferry doesn't leave until 10, so I'll have time to stop and watch the England game. Either in a bar or on my phone in a nice park or something...

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Karen on 06/07/2018 20:54:52
I like the road sign😁 That cake looks very chocolatey - score out of 10?
Rob on 06/07/2018 20:58:22
Oh yes - that was a Bossche Bol. A kind of giant profiterole. Totally 9 out of 10!