Day 16 - Lairg to Melvich

Posted by: Rob on 04/06/2024
Rain / Sun
North Coast beach


62.48 mi
04/06/2024 06:02 BST
9.06 mph
31.27 mph
12178.57 Btu
0.09 hp
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
4202.76 ft
4475.72 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
901.57 ft
11.81 ft
64 °F
39 °F
1073.87 mi
325.40 mi
1073.87 mi
325.40 mi

That was hard!

Well, that was a tough one! I woke up super early - after all I did go to sleep very early. I really didn't want to venture out into the murky, but I eventually did and was surprised it was still only 6am when I set off!

It wasn't really raining that hard - there was just a load of water blowing around in the wind!

I got back on route and headed north into the gloom.

I knew it was 37 miles of nothingness until I got to Tongue on the north coast. So I set myself little targets along the way. I allowed myself to stop once I was half way. As luck would have it, the sun suddenly came out. I also found a spot protected from the wind.

Don't be fooled by the weather in that clip! That was just a brief interlude!

I pushed on and eventually made it to Tongue. Those 37 miles took a mighty long time - but it was still early due to my crack of dawn start.

Two things then happened. 1. All the places to get food were not yet open. 2. It started absolutely chucking it down!

I found a tree and sheltered until the rain eased off. Then I decided to press on to a café that was open. It was only 12 miles away, but in the wind and rain it would take an age. Oh - there were loads of hills too!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I made it, went inside where it was lovely and warm and had a gigantic burger!

With hunger taken care of, I left the café and it immediately started chucking it down again. So I found another friendly tree.

Despite having plenty of layers on - including a thick, fleece lined winter jersey - I was freezing. Especially my hands. I really should have brought my winter gloves!

Anyway, I'd done about 50 miles by this point and just wanted to get camped up. Fortunately it was only 12 more windy, hilly miles to a campsite I had contacted earlier.

So after a final slog I am now all showered, fed and cosy in my tent.

It is 37 miles to JOG from here, so I'll get that knocked off in the morning. After that, it will be on to Wick. Then all manner of trains. It will probably take days to get home. I will probably split the journey up as it takes about a million hours to get anywhere from Wick. Anyway, I'll worry about that later...

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mikej on 04/06/2024 21:46:45
Nearly there! Hope the sun is shining on JOG
Karen on 04/06/2024 20:16:33
The scenery is spectacular! Looks really deserted as well.