Day 10 - Night shift to Edinburgh

Posted by: Rob on 01/06/2023
Forth Bridge


85.20 mi
31/05/2023 23:25 BST
7.78 mph
30.19 mph
14799.88 Btu
0.07 hp
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
5374.02 ft
5492.78 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
1076.12 ft
36.75 ft
75 °F
45 °F
589.73 mi
164.17 mi
399.65 mi
589.73 mi
164.17 mi
399.65 mi

Night Rider!

So the night shift began after my disastrous attempts at finding a wild camping spot. I'd already done over 100 miles, but I reset the trip computer and started as if this was day 10. Well, it was - there was just no gap between them!

Night riding is a funny old game that brings along a whole bunch of emotions. On the one hand it can feel great being utterly alone, but it can also feel incredibly lonely. You miss out on views, but you get lots of wildlife! I saw loads of deer, plenty of smaller unidentifiable beasties and I even got an escort from an owl down one road! (This must be the third or fourth time this has happened)

Riding through Perth in the middle of the night with all the buildings lit up without a soul in sight was a highlight.

I had food with me, so kept nibbling away and I also stopped at a 24 hour BP garage for coffee.

As it started to get light, my mood started to lift, but I was feeling pretty ropey. I'm farely used to skipping a night's sleep, but you do have to fight it a bit.

I was getting slower and slower but it soon became apparent that I would be in Edinburgh today. Two whole days early! I needed to let Kirsten know as I was going to see her, but she wasn't expecting me until Saturday!

To cut a long storey short she's a bit unwell at the moment, but will hopefully be OK tomorrow.

So I'm camped up at a nice site just south of Edinburgh. I had a bit of a kip earlier in The Meadows and now that I've had dinner, some caramel wafers and a coffee, I feel good to go.

My only issue is I'm a bit saddle sore. I did nearly 200 miles in 24 hours - I really need chamois cream for that sort of distance, but I didn't bring any.

Oh well. One thing's for sure - I will sleep well tonight!

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Karen on 02/06/2023 20:29:35
Wow that’s impressive! Like the bridge photos and hope you’ve had a good rest to recover
Simon on 02/06/2023 16:48:21
When the write up of day 9 was delayed, I didn't think it would be because you were cycling at the time! You crazy guy! Enjoy the rest.
mikej on 02/06/2023 09:10:57
Great effort, Rob. Take it easy for a day or two all best Dad
Rob on 02/06/2023 10:18:10
I plan to!