Day 12 - Edinburgh to nr Chirnside

Posted by: Rob on 03/06/2023
The Sea


Distance 62.76 mi
03/06/2023 09:27 BST
9.98 mph
27.07 mph
10953.18 Btu
0.08 hp
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
2936.35 ft
2717.85 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
842.52 ft
75.46 ft
84 °F
54 °F
Total Distance 665.52 mi
Total Distance 164.17 mi
Total Distance 399.65 mi
Total Distance 665.52 mi
Total Distance 164.17 mi
Total Distance 399.65 mi

Another scorcher!

So after a nice evening with Kirsten and Pete the cat, I got off at a not too unreasonable half 9.

My plan was to get to somewhere near Berwick upon Tweed. I'd found a suitable campsite and planned to call them a bit later to make sure they had space.

On setting off, it was immediately apparent that I wasn't exactly feeling great. I think I've had too much sun. My right foot has been really swollen - I don't know if that's to do with the sunburn on that foot and ankle, or maybe I've been bitten. I've got bite marks all over my lower legs, but they're not bothering me.

I was also struggling to regulate my temperature - I had quite a few layers on despite the warmth, but if I took a layer off I was freezing.

Anyway, I just carried on - not a lot else I could do!

Around lunch time, I phoned the campsite and they had plenty of room. They also said I could get there any time up to 20:00 which was loads of time. I knew I was going to be slow, but I also knew I'd make it no problem.

The East Lothian coast is really nice, but it is also really busy. Being a Saturday and the fact there was barely a cloud in the sky obviously brought people out.

I'd been stopping regularly to top up and drink water and stopping just as often again as it passed straight through me!

I got a whole bunch of food at a lovely community shop in Cockburnspath then set off for the final push.

It started with a huge hill. Of course it did! I was climbing for an age and got up to about 800ft. Then it was downhill for several miles.

For the last 5 miles I let Google maps guide me in. Of course, It was all uphill again!

Anyway, found the campsite, showered, cooked and got into bed in record time!

I'm sure I'll feel a bit better tomorrow for my return to England. Or at least I hope I do!

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  Karen on 03/06/2023 22:18:03
Looks like another gloriously sunny day. That was an impressive tunnel as well. I hope you feel better tomorrow