Day 15 - Hartlepool to Robin Hood's Bay

Posted by: Rob on 06/06/2023


58.57 mi
06/06/2023 07:39 BST
9.10 mph
31.36 mph
10445.57 Btu
0.09 hp
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
3267.72 ft
3000.66 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
688.98 ft
5.91 ft
64 °F
50 °F
852.00 mi
164.67 mi
399.65 mi
852.00 mi
164.67 mi
399.65 mi


There was something in the night I've not experienced for ages - rain! Well, not much and it was bone dry by the morning anyway. I even wondered if I'd imagined it, but it was forecast.

I set off in pretty good time - on the road before 8.

As I was very close to Hartlepool, I stopped off at a Greggs for a PAC and a Croissant. Not bad at all. Could have done with being a bit warmer. I guess not many people were buying them. I mean this is The North after all - they were doing a roaring trade in sausage rolls and other assorted grease soaked snacks!

So with those washed down with a coffee, I got underway properly. I took a route through some pretty industrial areas towards Middlesborough where I rode through some serious, heavily industrial areas! Sounds grim, but it's actually really interesting. At one point I thought we were under nuclear attack as a load of sirens went off! I do remember this happening last time I was here.

I had to take a somewhat extended and tortuous route to get across the river as the transporter bridge was closed (as it was last time). It would seem whenever I'm in Middlesbrough, the bridge stays closed.

After that, I swung round towards Redcar. None of this is particularly direct, but that's the way it is when navigating big cities. Especially those with a big river and the sea in the way!

Once through another massively industrial area, I was in Redcar. I stopped at McDonald's. Not something I like to do, but I just wanted something hot to eat.

Next up was a blast down the coast for a bit. And then the hills started!

Some proper steep ones that had me grinding up at not much more than walking pace. There were some fantastic views though.

I stopped in the little town of Skinningrove at a ridiculously old skool convenience store and got a few snacks and some water.

It was at this point that I decided to pick a campsite. I found one about 20 miles further on. I could have happily gone on for another 40, but around here you're best off halving the distance you think you'd normally do due to the hills.

Anyway, I called the campsite and they were cool, but did ask if I could be there by 6. That was loads of time.

Or so I thought! To cut a long story short - I made it by about half 5, but there were times when I was grinding up 1 in 4 hills at about 3 mph that I wondered if I'd make it at all!

Oh it also started raining! Just in time for when I was coming down aforementioned hills!

I made it in the end though. Really nice site, fantastic view of Robin Hood's Bay from my tent and the sun's even trying to come out!

Not had my dinner yet, but will do shortly.

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Karen on 06/06/2023 19:50:00
Wow your pitch tonight looks amazing! Hopefully that view makes up for all those hills….. Croissant and PAC don’t look bad either.