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Posted by: Rob on 13/06/2023


1134.66 mi
164.67 mi
399.65 mi

Final thoughts

Another tour complete! Just a few final thoughts:

The Hebrides were fantastic. Everything I expected and more. Could have perhaps improved my timings, but with the ferries being all over the place, I think I did pretty well. Hopefully if I or any of you lot visit in the future, CalMac (or rather the Scottish government) will have got their act together!

The highlight for me was The Cairngorms though. The road I took right through them and up and over the ski stations has to be be one of the best roads I have ever ridden. Constant epic views and some pretty hefty climbs!

The dreaded midgies didn't really show themselves much. I wasn't particularly worried about them (they don't go for me as much as some people) and there were only a couple of nights (the first two actually) where they even so much as got a few mild swear words out of me! There were a couple of other times when I noticed them, but their efforts at being annoying were poor. They were completely absent on the Hebrides. I guess May is a good time to go!

Once back in England, the ride down the east side of the country was good. Certainly the quickest way home which is what I was after.

Here's the VeloViewer wheel of the tour:

VeloViewer wheel

So a total of 1,135 miles or 1,826 km. No p*nctures at all! Bike performed faultlessly as always.

I'm now thinking about a few potential short tours this summer. Stay tuned....

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