Day 11 Bordeaux to Villefranche du Queyran

Posted by: Rob on 12/06/2013
Like the surface of the Sun!
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72.67 mi
12/06/2013 08:22 CEST
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
2025.30 ft
1747.90 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
569.19 ft
6.56 ft
639.31 mi
201.49 mi
639.31 mi
201.49 mi

Day 11

I set my alarm so I was up nice and early this morning. There was some initial cloud, but it was shaping up to be a scorcher.

I was ready to go but needed to wait for the shop to open at half eight, so I could buy some water and something to eat.

So off I went knowing once again that I just needed to head for a gert big bridge. It was pretty easy to find and I went past the velodrome where many records have been set - including Boardman's hour record in 96 (I think)

So over the bridge I went. And a fine bridge it was too. I then got a little lost as there were road works everywhere, but I was soon back on track and found myself exactly where I wanted to be on the south bank of the river.

I followed the cycle path for a few miles before it ended and spewed me out on the D10.

At this point it was really hotting up. There was also a strong headwind making progress hard. And then to top things off, there were some things I've not seen much of in the last 600 odd miles - hills!

I'm very much now on phase 2 of this trip as I make my way across to the Med. The terrain is much more how I think of France - hills, trees, little villages where leathery old men drive ancient Renault 4s and of course - sunshine!

I stopped off in Langon for a sandwich jambon et fromage and an eclair chocolat. I got plenty more water too!

After that it was simply a case of following the road for another 40 miles all the way to a campsite I had found that I liked the look of.

It took a long time as it was pretty slow going, but I got there in the end.

The site is owned by an English family and it is really nice. The first thing I did after pitching up was to jump in the pool to cool off!

I shall be going to dinner shortly and you'll be pleased to know I have ordered a croissant and two pain au chocolat for the morning!

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Aidan on 13/06/2013 20:13:52
If it's as hot as the surface of the sun, why didn't you take a dip in that lake?
Babbsy on 13/06/2013 16:19:44
PAC count = 2. Good, but could do better.
Kirst on 12/06/2013 23:21:48
And after The Wheels on the Bus, you can sing to yourself that the Vengabus is coming.
Clint on 12/06/2013 23:07:14
Have you seen a French chap wearing onions yet? Can you keep a look out for famous lookalikes, maybe Elvis works in a French camp site? and if you end up on a boring straight again can I suggest you sing yourself a little song, I reckon 'The wheels on the bus' could last about 40 miles.
Karen on 12/06/2013 21:05:11
Yes but what did you have for dinner?? Weather looks fantastic -grey and miserable here :(
Rob on 12/06/2013 20:03:18
I just had dinner and sat at a table with a bunch of people from Chelmsford! Small world!
Kirst on 12/06/2013 18:22:02
Watch out for Papa and Nicole racing around in their Renault Clios.
Mum on 12/06/2013 18:44:37
No you won't see Papa and Nicole until you get closer to the Med!
Mum on 12/06/2013 18:19:09
We could do with some scorching weather here! It continues to be cloudy - and its raining now! Also getting very windy.