Day 10 Rest Day

Posted by: Rob on 11/06/2013
Wet then sunny
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Day 10

So I awoke a little later than normal to persistent rain. I was pretty tired and just couldn't be bothered to get moving - especially in the rain. I decided to have a day off and do some chores.

I went to reception and paid for another night. Fortunately, this campsite is one of the cheaper ones I've stayed at!

I then got all my clothes (except what I was wearing!) and bunged them in a washing machine in the laundry room. I also put my phone on charge in there (no moving bike, so no charging phone!) and sat down to read whist the machine did its stuff.

I then had to endure an endless stream of British and Dutch campers asking me to show them how to operate the machines. Now, I'm neither good at washing machines or French instructions, but even I could work out: Put washing in. Put powder in. Select temperature. Put money in. Press Allez. One Dutch woman couldn't even open the door and it would seem she had never set eyes on a washing machine before in her life. At least I was kept entertained if away from my book.

Once done, I gave what could be tumble dried a quick blast and hung the rest on my tent to dry. The sun had come out by this time BTW!

I was really bored by this point and seriously considered packing up and moving on. I probably would have had time to get to the next campsite, but I didn't want to push my luck, so decided to stay put and get off promptly tomorrow morning.

The sun was really blazing by now, so I settled down with my kindle for an afternoon of reading and trying to smooth out some of my ridiculous tan lines!

The afternoon flew by and all my stuff was dry, so I packed it all away, went for a shower and put nice clean clothes on!

I've got a bit of time to kill before dinner, so will have a bit of an explore now. If my dinner excites me sufficiently, I shall take some pics :-)


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norre on 11/06/2013 22:57:46
Very good of you to help the Dutch lady, remember the shocking rudeness we experienced in Holland when we were struggling with the ticket machine for the ferry?! If I were there I might have pushed her aside and just used the machine myself! ;)
Kirst on 11/06/2013 22:35:17
I think that cat is bigger than Boris with a much thicker tail, but not as handsome. And, it's awake. Clearly very different from Boris! Did you order duck after you saw the alive one?
Mum on 11/06/2013 22:04:44
Cat looks just like Boris! He had a look but didn't seem very taken with the other cat.
Karen on 11/06/2013 20:57:43
I have to say that a day relaxing and reading on a campsite sounds quite appealing to me... What's the dessert, is it a chocolate doughnut?
Aidan on 11/06/2013 20:49:23
Nice fountain but the pain au chocolats have gone from 3...... To 2........ To 1........ To a 0 (unless you haven't told us today!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!¡¡
Kirst on 11/06/2013 19:01:42
Disappointed you didn't go for a wander round Bordeaux this afternoon so you could tell us all about it :-) I like the cat in the campervan though. You should definitely take Boris in a trailer next time you go touring
Mum on 11/06/2013 18:33:21
Good to know you are wearing clean clothes! I was wondering how you would get washing dry if it carried on raining. Fingers crossed for good weather tomorrow.
Simon on 11/06/2013 16:58:40
Where are the photo's? I want to see full on laundry pics!! ;-)