Day 28 Burtoncourt to Kockelscheuer

Posted by: Rob on 29/06/2013
Rain. Eventually clearing
Banner showing four large cooling towers


47.13 mi
29/06/2013 08:48 CEST
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
1821.19 ft
1549.08 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
1133.33 ft
482.15 ft
1789.94 mi
208.81 mi
1789.94 mi
208.81 mi

Day 28

Well, it rained pretty heavily all night long which meant I didn't sleep very well and didn't wake up until 8! And it was still raining.

Oh well, I'd planned on a bit of a shorter day anyway as the last couple of days had been pretty long.

So I slowly got everything packed up staying in my tent until the last minute.

Amazingly, I was on the road for half 9, so it wasn't so bad.

I needed to get some breakfast and I figured I'd be able to get something in one of the many villages I was to pass through. Wrong!

They were all completely deserted and every time I thought I'd come to a village that might be big enough to sustain a shop I was disappointed.

After 15 miles of twisty country roads, I finally hit a more major road and things were looking up - it had stopped raining for a start!

Almost immediately I came across a "Pain traditionnel epicerie" so I stopped and bought 2 (large) pacs and the longest baguette in the world. I even understood how much the woman asked for, so I gave her the exact money. That was a mistake as she then decided to have a chat. None of which I understood!

Energy levels suitably replenished, I hit the road again.

It immediately started raining again. Oh well, I just kept my rain gear on from then on.

I followed the main road for a bit, but then realised I could nibble a bit off by taking or more minor road.

Of course, just like every other shortcut I've taken, it involved going over some massive hills!

I was pretty tired so stopped after a while and ate my way through what seemed like several feet of baguette.

With a bit of cunning map reading, I worked my way into Luxembourg on the back roads. There was just a small sign to greet me, although the style of road signs changed to a cheery yellow and I got a bit of cycle path action Luxembourg style which was very good.

I found the campsite no problems and it's the complete opposite of last night. It's quite lively, but in a nice sort of way.

It's nice to be finished a bit earlier than usual, so I shall have a relaxing evening and an early night. I shall try and get on WiFi a bit later to upload pics, but for now I am sitting in the sun which has decided to make an appearance!

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Kirst on 30/06/2013 11:14:15
I put the tennis on as Laura Robson was 5-3 down in the second set and thought oh, what a shame, she'll be out in a minute! I didn't see you though :-(
Mum on 30/06/2013 00:35:44
Well we watched Laura Robson - live - did you see us Kirsten? We spent most of our time on No 2 court but swapped with Ben and Aidan later on, as I wanted to see what No 1 court was like. We saw some of play between Haas and Lopez, and also Ferrer and Dopgol....(unspellable!). didn't leave until well after 9 as there was a good men's doubles match on an outer court. Aidan disappointed as Serena's match got moved from No 1 to Centre at the last minute. Finally got home at midnight! We had our best day for weather for a while - not sure if it is due to move north or south - but hopefully either Rob or Kirsten will get it. Not much to say about Boris - he hasn't done much lately.......
Kirst on 29/06/2013 19:05:08
Andy Murray is currently 92% British.
Kirst on 29/06/2013 18:45:31
I see one of your photos is a sign to Dudeland.
Rob on 29/06/2013 18:54:56
Indeed :-)

Tomorrow, I will be able to rank Luxembourgish croissants and pacs as I have ordered 2 of each for breakfast...
Rob on 29/06/2013 18:39:59
The tent section is filling up with late arrivals. I have Dutch, Swiss, Belgian, German, Danish and Czech neighbours tonight!
Rob on 29/06/2013 18:02:51
I've just ordered some food from the Friture. It's fascinating watching people come and go. Everybody seems to start off speaking English until they naturally drift into which ever language they share best, be it German, French or remaining in English or a combination of all three at the same time!
Kirst on 29/06/2013 18:26:28
I went to a wedding in France several years ago and we used a fantastic mixture we named Spranglaisdeutsch with the odd bit of Espanol too.
Kirst on 29/06/2013 17:27:39
Kockelscheuer? :-D No rain here today, although there was some yesterday and I think there will be some tonight. I have spent the afternoon watching Laura Robson and making apricot & orange chutney, and looking at my lovely new trainers. I am hoping for a Boris update - there hasn't been one for ages!