Day 29 Kockelscheuer to Rochefort

Posted by: Rob on 30/06/2013

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Day 29
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After I'd got up and packed up, I went to collect my breakfast. I must say the standard of croissant has gone back up! I currently put Luxembourgish croissants just behind French! Pacs were good too.

I headed north into the city, which was only a few miles. There wasn't much going on which wasn't really surprising seeing as it was 9 am on a Sunday.

I had a quick look to see if I could find eurovelo 5, but I couldn't find it, so went out on the road, which was nice and quiet anyway.

I hit Belgium sooner than I thought and once again was welcomed by just a small sign at the side of the road.

As I got further in, it started getting quite hilly with dense woodland. The roads also deteriorated rapidly and were probably the worst I've had on the whole trip.

I had another go at finding the cycle route at another town I knew it went through, but gave up after a while and just stuck to the roads.

That was probably better anyway as they were very quiet and obviously more direct.

I got my head down for some solid miles. The terrain was basically up, up, up very gradually then weeee down the other side. Repeat.

I was getting quite hungry and was amazed to find a shop open on a Sunday afternoon, so got some bread and cheese and stuff.

I had a campsite in mind at the town of Rochefort (my second Rochefort!) and soon ate up the miles to get there. It's a nice little town (many I went through were run down and tatty) and on arrival discovered the town centre was closed for a motorcycle race!

It was really good! Lots of old school racing bikes racing around a circuit with only bails of straw for crash barriers. It was like watching something from the 50s. After some bloke stacked it and the race was stopped, I went to find the campsite.

It's surprisingly nice and quiet considering it's just a short distance from the town centre.

I shall wander into town to get something to eat in a minute, although I suspect it will be quite busy what with all the bikers in town.

Unfortunately all the racing seems to have finished now, but I can still hear bikes hooning around.

If I can find WiFi, pics will be uploaded later...


Empty city
Brand new bridge!
Motorbike racing!

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  norre on 30/06/2013

How are the Wallonie neighbours? Express yourself fully once you're into Vlaanderen! ;)

  Mum on 30/06/2013

Dad says that Belgians eat their chips with mayonnaise!

  Rob on 30/06/2013

You'll find out what Belgian (or at least Wallonian) croissants are like tomorrow!

  Gilbert finster on 30/06/2013

I've never tried Belgian beer but its meant to be nice

  Karen on 30/06/2013

I wonder what Belgian croissants are like? Finlay says Belgian chips are nice...(we had some good ones in Bruges).