Day 31 Oteppe to Sint Job in 't Goor

Posted by: Rob on 02/07/2013
Warm and sunny!
Banner showing tent and bike on wooded camping pitch


72.38 mi
02/07/2013 08:38 CEST
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
1350.95 ft
1829.46 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
583.46 ft
27.56 ft
1985.92 mi
208.81 mi
1985.92 mi
208.81 mi

Day 31

I was kept awake quite late last night by some Wallonie morons playing Phil bloody Collins. To be fair, they turned it down a bit, but it was their talking that was more annoying. If it's possible for talking to be more annoying than Phil Collins...

I got to sleep in the end and was up at 6 am to crack on. It was a beautiful morning and I was on the road for half 7.

Obviously nowhere was open yet, so breakfast had to wait.

Eventually I passed a town with an open shop, so I got a couple of croissants and a couple of pacs. I have to say the croissants were good and shot straight to number two in the croissant parade!

After that I suddenly hit the sign telling me I was entering Flanders.

Immediately everything improved! The roads were better, there was no rubbish everywhere and the drivers were unbelievably considerate. I kept forgetting that they will always give way to a bike in pretty much any circumstance!

The towns were much nicer too. Attractive, tidy and well kept.

I like the way all the main roads have at the very least a cycle lane and quite often a separate path. This means you can just use a normal map to follow normal roads and not have to hunt around aimlessly for cycle routes.

Due to that I made very good progress and today was one of the most enjoyable days of the trip.

I stopped to get some bread and cheese for lunch along with some sort of apple tart thing which was all very good.

I made use of some non-roadside cycle paths which were very pleasant and well signed.

I was going to push on a bit further, in fact over the border into the Netherlands, but I'd done plenty of miles and won't have as many to do tomorrow and of course I have until late to get to H v H. So I've stopped at very pleasant campsite at the excellently named Sint Job in 't Goor.

I'm pretty tired after my early start, so I shall go and get something to eat and then prepare for my final night under canvas! (Or whatever modern tents are made of!)

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pcolbeck on 03/07/2013 07:37:47
Chapeau Rob ! An excellent ride and blog. I'd love to do something similar one day. The only downside is it's given me a craving for PAC Hope you get nice weather for the final day.
mikej on 02/07/2013 20:49:24
Nearly home, Rob, great effort - hope it's sunny tomorrow for final push all best Dad
norre on 02/07/2013 19:48:32
You could take a day or two relaxing and soaking up the fine Flemish culture, but I guess you're itching to make the final push home after a month on the road. Great effort, see you soon!
Rob on 02/07/2013 19:56:49
It's certainly brought back memories of 2008!

Ferry tomorrow. Think it's going to rain...
Karen on 02/07/2013 19:07:29
The chips look good! Have a good last day tomorrow.
Mum on 02/07/2013 18:48:33
Enjoy your last night under canvas!