Day 33 Harwich to Chelmsford

Posted by: Rob on 04/07/2013

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Day 33
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I had a great night's sleep in my cabin and woke up at 05:30 UK time. I grabbed a quick cup of coffee, packed up my stuff and headed down to my bike.

I was off the boat at 06:30 promptly and then through passport control and out on to the open road.

I don't know that area of Essex at all - I never really venture that way, so I decided to follow the NCN signs when they presented themselves to me. That obviously lasted about 10 minutes before they disappeared so I just headed in a general south westerly direction.

It was very pleasant - the weather was better than it has been for quite some time! Soon enough I went through Colchester and onto familiar roads.

I stopped at the Coop in Marks Tey (for a pork pie!) and got chatting to a gentleman who had just arrived on his bike to do his shopping. I told him what I'd been up to when he asked and it turns out he did a very similar trip 60 years ago! So we had a bit more of a chat and then I got on my way.

It was all plain sailing into Chelmsford and it was a nice feeling arriving home after so long and so many miles on the road.

I've not done much since getting home - just drinking tea (not had a cup of tea for over a month!) and watching Le Tour on telly.

I'll get some stats together for the who trip later on...


First thing
Cycle route!
Should have got Avignon sign!
Colchester Castle
Boreham House
Nearly home!

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  Mum on 04/07/2013

Well done, Rob! Great to see you again.

  Kirst on 04/07/2013

Is Boris following you round the house or is he just asleep again?