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Posted by: Rob on 06/07/2013
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2125.59 mi
341.80 mi

Some statistics

Total distance:

2,124 miles (3418 km)

Longest day:

85.01 miles (136.81 km)

Shortest day:

38.72 miles (60.70 km)

Average daily distance:

66.38 miles (106.82 km)

Highest point:

Mt Ventoux, Provence, France 6,270 ft (1,911 m)

Lowest Point:

Zuid-Holland, Nederland - 6'7" (-2 m)

Countries visited:

7 (England, France, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands)

Campsites by Country:

England: 1
France: 20
Switzerland: 2
Germany: 1
Luxumbourg: 1
Belgium: 3

Total: 28

Percentage of campsites where English was spoken:


Number of ferries:




Rest days:


Total time:

33 days

I'll add some more if I think of anything, if not, come back next year to see what I'm up to!

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Simon on 06/07/2013 19:54:11
can't believe you only had one p*ncture. What tyres are you using? ;-)