Day 1 - Chelmsford to East Horsely

Posted by: Rob on 30/05/2018
Overcast but warm
Banner showing lake and fountain at campsite


60.45 mi
07/06/2018 09:34 BST
11.43 mph
28.86 mph
6109.51 Btu
0.10 hp
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
2080.05 ft
2012.47 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
357.61 ft
14.76 ft
72 °F
64 °F
60.45 mi
60.45 mi

Day 1

So my tour is now officially underway! I left at about 09:30 under grey skies, but at least it was fairly warm. I had a route to follow on my GPS so just followed the magic purple line of destiny.

I was on familiar roads to start with, but soon started getting closer to London via footballers wives country. White Range Rovers driven by orange women everywhere. My route stayed fairly leafy for about 25 miles, but after that I entered the more built up areas of East London. The white Range Rovers had been replaced by black Mercs with blacked out windows. The orange women with gangsters no doubt!

Anyway, it was pretty quiet really, even through central London. I think I was on CS2 first then CS7 once I crossed the river.

I was starting to get a bit peckish, but held out until I got to Richmond Park so I could by an overpriced sandwich, some poncey crisps and some even poncier chocolate. It was perfectly adequate, but I would have preferred a pork pie and a packet of monster munch to be honest!

After a quick chat with a friendly bloke who was asking me where I was going, I headed off.

Richmond Park was pleasant as usual, with a huge heard of deer right by the road. The weather was looking a bit gloomy though, so I pressed on. I stopped on Kingston Bridge for a photo and got chatting to another bloke interested in what I was up to. He apparently lived in Spain but was home for a short visit.

It sort of wanted to rain, but never really got around to it. Just a few spots. As I got further out of London, the roads were wet, but I'd dodged the rain. After a while I realised I wasn't that far from the campsite I wanted to stay at, so kept on trundling along and sure enough I spotted the sign and I was there.

I stayed here back in 2013 and it hasn't changed much. I suppose there's no reason it would. So I paid up the princely sum of 8 quid and pitched my tent. Really badly! It is new. That's my excuse anyway!

I had a shower then decided to check out the local pub which was recommended by the campsite people. And that's where I am now. Smashing down some Thai food!

More of the same tomorrow as I head down to Hayling Island.

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norre on 07/06/2018 23:15:19
Well done Raz, off to a good start. I'm looking forward to your regular updates, good luck!
Simon on 07/06/2018 21:15:02
Finally underway! San Pelegrino? You forgot to mention the poncy drink! Thai looks delicious I have to say. Enjoy your ride tomorrow.