Day 12 - Massuebe to Montgeard

Posted by: Rob on 18/06/2018
Cloudy and Sunny
Banner showing lake in Pyrenees


94.03 mi
18/06/2018 07:16 CEST
11.39 mph
27.74 mph
9253.89 Btu
0.10 hp
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
2948.49 ft
3176.84 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
1027.56 ft
453.74 ft
73 °F
54 °F
625.97 mi
621.30 mi
625.97 mi
621.30 mi

Busting out the miles

I knew today was going to be a longer day distance wise, so I set off promptly. I was on the road before half 7.

I also knew there was going to be the continuation of the tiresome little hills and even more tiresome dogs!

I made pretty good progress, smashing the hills as I was fresh. I just knew the Rabid Attack Dogs would be out in force and they didn't disappoint! Chase number one was probably after 5 miles or so. Two dogs just randomly wandering a field saw me and came tearing after me. One gave up, but the other lasted longer before finally accepting he (or she) wasn't going to catch me. To be fair, I think they were just bored and wanted to play with a human.

Attack number two was similar, but just one dog. Attack three, I had a whole pack of the buggers, but it was on a downhill stretch, so I soon blasted them away.

I had to modify my route a bit as there were quite a few Route Barré signs. Lots of evidence of mud slides and stuff. This was OK though - I just stuck to main roads - at least you don't get Rads on those!

That area to the west - south west of Toulouse is really quite dull. Rural with quaint villages is nice, but this was just rural with farms. And RADs.

I did eventually pass through a nice, historic town called Lombez. I stopped and got 2 PACs and a Croissant. And very good they were too. A solid 7.5 / 10. I also started to notice the astonishing numbers of Coiffures! Of course, none of them are ever open! Just like last time, I see an establishment that looks like it might be a shop selling food, but it turns out to be a (perma- closed) Coiffures. I'm sure I'll see plenty more yet. Maybe one will even be open!

After that, there was just a bit more laney, farmey stuff before I got to the outskirts of Toulouse. The route through (or rather around the edge of) Toulouse was mostly on decent cycle paths. It took forever to get through though.

I stopped briefly at a café for a ham and cheese baguette and an éclair chocolat. My first of this trip!

Then it was on to the Canal du Midi. This section I remember from last time, but I'm sure there were still some unsurfaced bits before. It was tarmac all the way for me today.

It was really nice with plenty to look at, so I shall continue along it tomorrow. It will be interesting to see if it's been properly surfaced further down. It was terrible last time.

I've managed to find myself yet another nice campsite. It's by a lake so there's lots going on. A few people swimming in it. I'd join them only I'm absolutely famished, so I'm waiting for the restaurant/café/bar thing to open so I can get some food. The receptionist insisted it will be open tonight, but there's no sign of life yet. Fingers crossed it opens soon or my dinner will be a packet of biscuits!

Edit: It's worse than that - I'm at McDonald's. The only place within a 10km radius that's open! 

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Kirst on 19/06/2018 09:34:08
You don't seem to be eating many vegetables.
Rob on 19/06/2018 11:44:15
I haven't eaten many vegetables because every time I want some, the places selling them are shut!
Karen on 18/06/2018 20:38:22
Definitely looking sunnier.....hope the RADs reduce tomorrow. At least Maccie Ds was open.
Rob on 19/06/2018 05:25:43
Yeah, McDonald's was better than nothing! I actually quite enjoyed the ride back. I listened to the football on my phone and just as I was cursing the long hill back towards the campsite , Harry Kane scored the winner! 😀