Day 13 - Montgeard to Narbonne

Posted by: Rob on 19/06/2018

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Distance: 86.93 mi

19/06/2018 07:30:48 CEST

Elev. gain: 1715.22 ft

Total time: 8:32:59

Riding time: 6:41:46

Ave. temp: 75.20 °F

Ave. speed: 12.98 mph

Max speed: 28.63 mph

Ave. power: 0.10 hp

Energy ex.: 8214.49 Btu

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711.57 mi
What a scorcher!
Sun Icon  Sunny & hot!

I knew exactly where I wanted to head to today - an excellent campsite I stayed at back in 2013. I knew it was going to be at least 80 miles, so I hit the road at bang on 07:30.

It was a glorious morning and the first time that everything was dry as I packed up.

I made my way back to the canal and had it all to myself at that early hour.

Just as I suspected, after about 10 miles, the surface was no longer tarmac. It wasn't too bad, but it became a bit tiresome, so I hit the road that pretty much follows the same route.

I went through a village and stopped off for the usual three breakfast items. I also got a nice cup of coffee to wash it down with

I continued on the road, occasionally nipping onto the canal path for a bit just for a change of scenery. It was much quicker on the road though and I had a bit of a tailwind, so I hit Carcassonne by lunchtime.

I rode around a bit to look at the sites then stopped off for a cheese, ham and salad baguette with an éclair chocolat for dessert.

After that I got the road to Narbonne. This road is fast as it's generally downhill and downwind, so I made good progress. I occasionally came off onto more minor roads for a rest from the traffic. But eventually the main road was my only choice, so I kept on it all the way to the campsite.

It was obscenely hot when I arrived (and still is) so I had a cold shower then decided to wash all my stuff as it will dry in no time.

By coincidence, a German guy who was staying at the same site as me last night has turned up! He's let me share his washing line (I didn't think to bring one) and we had a good chat about our travels.

I've just checked my 2013 blog for the time I was here before to see what I had for dinner. It looked good, so I can't wait to get down to the restaurant. It is definitely open - I checked 😋

Not sure where I'm heading tomorrow other than East. I think I'll take it easy. Might even stop early so I can go for a swim.


A nice tree lined avenue to start the day
Path not surfaced here
Wine fields
River in Carcassonne
29 degrees!
Make that 32!
Won't take long for this lot to dry!
Main course
And finally a coffee

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  Oscars Dad on 20/06/2018

Good going bobb!!!

  mikej on 19/06/2018

Enough of the heroic stuff in the mountains - that's more like it!

  Rob on 19/06/2018

I'm sure he'll bounce back and win Wimbledon 😋

  Kirst on 19/06/2018

Andy Murray played his first tennis match since last Wimbledon. He lost to that huffy Australian 6-4, 6-7, 5-7. Looked a bit tired and stiff in the last set, but no obvious problems. Overcast and chilly here.