Day 16 - Saint-Gilles to Orange

Posted by: Rob on 22/06/2018
Banner showing view of the river Rhone


62.13 mi
22/06/2018 07:42 CEST
8.43 mph
18.79 mph
4519.28 Btu
0.05 hp
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
1083.01 ft
977.03 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
161.42 ft
-1.64 ft
88 °F
64 °F
913.07 mi
621.30 mi
913.07 mi
621.30 mi

The Mistral blows

Today was all about the wind. The mighty Mistral started kicking off some time in the early hours. Fortunately I was completely surrounded by trees, so my tent didn't get battered, but I could hear the trees being blown around.

I slept pretty well though, so was up and off at pretty much the usual time. I was riding without a GPS track today as I couldn't be bothered to put one together and to be honest it was easy - Arles, Avignon, Orange. Just follow the river!

My first stop was at Arles for a PAC, PAR, C breakfast and a big bottle of water to replace the Eau Potable stuff I got from a tap at the campsite which was rank.

The wind hadn't been too bad up to now, as I was sheltered from it a bit and not directly into it. All that changed as I headed out of Arles. It was so bad I really thought I was going to end up with a ridiculously low mileage for the day. I was crawling along at the sort of pace I'd expect to go up a steep col. And this was pan flat!

Most of the ride was on roads, but there was a smattering of cycle paths thrown in. I wanted to have lunch in Avignon, which I did - only it was several hours later than I expected due to my slow progress against the wind.

Feeling refreshed and replenished after a ham, cheese and salad baguette with chocolate croissant for dessert (it wasn't as good as the Spanish one!) I made my way out of Avignon. For some bizarre reason I kept seeing lots of learner drivers and couldn't help thinking what a sod of a place Avignon must be to learn to drive!

The wind was even worse now. I was getting blown all over the place and may have said quite a lot of rude words. But it's OK, nobody was around to hear them 😋

The wind was at its worse when making the many crossings over the Rhone and the various water ways. The wind would come barrelling down the river blowing right across me. I actually had to stop and walk a couple of times as it was so strong, I just couldn't ride in a straight line! In fact I've never known wind like it other than at the top of mountains!

Anyway, I'll stop banging on about the wind now as I'm sure you get the idea!

I finally arrived at the campsite I'd selected much later than expected. In fact this is the latest I've arrived at a site.

It's really nice. It has a pool, but I didn't have time to use it as it was straight in the shower and then to the campsite restaurant for dinner.

I might set off later in the morning to let the wind die down (it's forecast to mid morning (sorry - mentioned the wind again!)) so I could get a swim in then. I found the swim last night worked wonders for the various aches and pains I've picked up, so I'll try and get in any pools that present themselves to me!

Right, just finished a burger and now waiting for apple pie...

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Karen on 22/06/2018 20:32:57
Is that le pont d'Avignon in the background but in front of Ventoux?
Rob on 23/06/2018 05:06:04
It is indeed!