Day 20 - Choranche to Les Mûrs

Posted by: Rob on 26/06/2018

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Distance: 78.00 mi

26/06/2018 07:07:34 CEST

Elev. gain: 4230.64 ft

Total time: 9:51:30

Riding time: 7:40:14

Ave. temp: 71.60 °F

Ave. speed: 10.17 mph

Max speed: 32.21 mph

Ave. power: 0.10 hp

Energy ex.: 9115.49 Btu

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1122.42 mi
Heading over the hills
Sun Icon  Hot!

I woke up pretty early this morning, so got up, packed up and on the road by just after 7. It was freezing in the gorge I was in as the sun wasn't yet high enough to warm it up. But as soon as I came out of it, the sun's warmth was felt and much appreciated!

I stopped after about 10 miles or so for breakfast. I had my usual 3 up pastry combo and have to say none of it was up to the high standards I've come to expect. 6.5s all round. The coffee wasn't up to much either.

After a few more miles, I got onto the same cycle path along l'Isère that I was on for a while yesterday. This particular section was really good. Very smooth and very quiet. Just the occasional cyclist coming the other way.

I was heading east along the path, but needed to start heading north at some point. My plan was to rejoin La Via Rhôna further up. I was basically cutting a big corner by following l'Isère, then going north cross country.

The trouble with this not-so-shortcut was that somebody put a massive hill in the way! It was Le Col de Something or other, not particularly high, but I started fairly low and it dragged on forever. Every time I thought I was approaching the top, it just ramped up again!

I'd busted out a fair few miles by now and was starting to feel it, but of course - what goes up must come down. The descent was long and fairly gradual. I was getting pretty hungry by this point and wanted to get something to eat at the next village. Unfortunately, the two food selling establishments were shut. Of course they were! I mean what sort of idiot would want to buy food at one thirty in the afternoon? Obviously there was Coiffure and wait for it.... It was open!!!! Of course, nobody was in there though 😋

Anyway, I continued to the next village where it would seem they were aware that some people like to eat food at lunchtime and bought a big cheese and ham baguette, an éclair chocolat and an Orangina to wash it down with. I've only found cans of it so far. Do they not do it in the little bottles anymore?

Soon after this I rejoined La Via Rhôna. It was lovely smooth tarmac on this section - much of it done very recently by the looks of it.

I knew there was a campsite by a lake not much further on as I'd stayed there before. It was extremely hot in the afternoon and I arrived at the campsite to see a fridge full of cold water. A good sign.

So I'm all pitched up and ready for dinner. Not sure what I'm going to have, but I'll take some pics as usual.

Tomorrow I head towards Switzerland. Not sure if I'll get right in there, or camp somewhere near the border. We shall see...


Leaving campsite in morning
Broken bridge!
St Gervais.
Back on l'Isère
River. Hills.
My own private cycle path
Going up up up...
Looking back down to Voiron
In the hills
Another bridge, another département.
Back on La Via Rhôna
Campsite lake
Burger! Again!
Banana split. Check that out!

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  Kirst on 26/06/2018

Those photos all look very tranquil.

  Kirst on 26/06/2018

I suspect Monsieur et Madame les Shopkeepers were away having their own lunch. I will have a cat-filled weekend. I'm sitting for Ralph for 2 weeks starting Friday. I went to meet two gorgeous panthers this evening and I'll be seeing them at the weekend, as well as the three upstairs over the weekend!

  Rob on 26/06/2018

It most certainly did!

  Karen on 26/06/2018

Banana split looks good. Did it make up for the rubbish PACs ?