Day 21 - Les Mûrs to Excenevex

Posted by: Rob on 27/06/2018
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67.65 mi
27/06/2018 06:29 CEST
9.08 mph
23.04 mph
7148.91 Btu
0.08 hp
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
3090.88 ft
2641.40 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
1875.33 ft
729.66 ft
90 °F
61 °F
1191.40 mi
621.30 mi
1191.40 mi
621.30 mi

Over the hills to Suisse

Thanks to the nearby church bells, I was woken up at 5am. After lying in bed for a bit, I decided to pack up and get on my way. I was going by 06:30! That's my earliest start yet.

I had a bit of fun and games getting out of the campsite as the gates were shut. I realised in the end that they weren't actually locked, so I was free to go!

It was great getting away so early as there was nobody about and I could watch the sun rise over various mountains multiple times.

I was following the Via Rhôna again as it goes all the way to Geneva. Although it goes away from the river on road quite a bit and goes up a fairly hefty hill. I don't know why it doesn't stick right to the river - maybe it's in a deep gorge at that point, or perhaps they just haven't got around to building a path yet.

I came to a nice little town and found a boulangerie. It was closed. No matter, I found another just down the road. It was also closed. Then just as I was leaving the town, I found another. It was open! Wooo! Two PACs and a C washed down with a coffee and I was ready for the hill that I knew was coming up.

It wasn't actually that bad. There was one steep bit that got me a "Bravo" from a small group on light weight road bikes, the rest was fairly gradual.

Once at the top, it didn't really come down much as Geneva itself is at about 1400 ft. So it was just up and down a bit really.

I spotted an open shop and decided to stop for an early lunch. Opportunities like this should not be passed up! I had a baguette with all manner of stuff in it, which was excellent.

I knew I was getting close to Switzerland, but wasn't sure where the border was. In fact the first I knew I was over the border was when the road signs changed colour and all the cars had Swiss plates. Nothing to welcome me. Not even a sign!

There was a cycle path alongside the main road to Geneva so I took that. I seemed to have run into a head wind again which was a bit of a pain, but it wasn't long before I was entering Geneva proper.

Lots of excellent cycle paths - although I didn't really know where I was going. I just winged it to the lake so I could ride along the edge.

As I've spent so much time in the middle of nowhere, being in a city was a bit of a shock to the system and it took me a while to get used to it! I was soon out the other side though and things got a little less chaotic.

I found a campsite, but just as I was getting close, I realised it was way too early to stop. I guess that's the problem with an early start! I was just looking for another one on my phone when some mad Swiss bloke started telling me I should go to the one I originally planned on. I explained that I wanted one a bit further along the lake "But that's in France!" he exclaimed. Anyway, I left him shaking his head and continued along the southern shore of the lake.

I crossed back into France and made my way east. I was starving again so stopped for another sandwich. Mostly ham, but various other stuff in there.

I eventually rocked up at the site in Excenevex. I've stayed here before so knew it was good. I went for a quick paddle in the lake before having a shower and heading out for something to eat. I wasn't that hungry as I'd eaten a fair bit during the day. So just an average pizza and an ice cream.

I'm not sure where to head tomorrow. Either get the ferry across to Laussane from Evian, or ride around the lake via Montreaux. I'm a bit too tired to think about it to be honest, so I'll decide tomorrow.

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Kirst on 27/06/2018 20:28:05
If you go to Montreaux, you could put some flowers on the Freddie Mercury statue on my behalf. That pizza looks good! Andy Murray lost to Kyle Edmund; I think it was 6-4,6-4. It's mad hot here.
Rob on 27/06/2018 20:34:36
I have plotted two routes. One via Montreaux and one via the ferry to Laussane. I can't decide which to do. If I do go via Montreaux, I'll put some imaginary flowers on the statue. I can't be arsed to buy real ones!