Day 27 - Mannheim to Oberwesel

Posted by: Rob on 03/07/2018
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72.52 mi
03/07/2018 07:08 CEST
10.42 mph
30.65 mph
7424.53 Btu
0.09 hp
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
2723.10 ft
2774.61 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
871.39 ft
244.75 ft
95 °F
55 °F
1627.56 mi
621.30 mi
1627.56 mi
621.30 mi

A day in the hills

I wasn't sure how today would pan out. I was just going to wing it with no trail to follow, but I did of course have my gps.

So I got away reasonably early and headed into Mannheim. From there I knew I needed to head to the town of Worms, then head northwest. All of this I did without incident. 

I got some food and water at a shop near Worms. For the second time in Germany I bought fizzy water by mistake. They do seem to like it fizzy here! Oh well, I just put it in my bottles with the nozzles open and it soon goes flat.

I told the GPS to take me to the town of Bingen, where I would once again pick up Eurovelo 15.

I had no idea what the terrain or scenary would be like, but it was generally agreeable. Lots of vineyards and rolling hills. Occasionally passing through little towns. It was actually a lot more interesting than following EV15, which at times has been a bit boring. 

It got really hot in the afternoon, so I stopped at a garage for more water and an ice-cream. I smashed down a ham salad sandwich thing for good measure.

After that there was a series of climbs up to about 1000 feet, then a long gradual descent back towards the river. 

I arrived in Bingen which looked pretty nice from what I saw of it, then got on the cycle path which was way more interesting than further up stream. There are hills either side of the river with little towns on each side. Quite a few castles thrown in for good measure! 

Once again, I had chosen a campsite based on the fewest number of bad reviews, but as I got nearer, I realised it was still pretty early. So I checked Google maps again and found another one a bit further up that has lots of rave reviews! And if Germans like it, it must be good!

I passed the original site I was going to stay at and it looked OK, but I had high hopes for my new destination. 

And I wasn't disappointed! It's really nice - right on the river. So I'm very pleased with my choice.

There is no decent phone intetwebs here, but they do have WiFi. Obviously it's campsite standard, but that's better than nothing. It was fun and games trying to connect to it. This involved getting the owner (who is great and speaks excellent English) to let me log onto the office WiFi so I could download and install a browser other than Chrome which gave every error imaginable when trying to connect. Opera did the trick and I am now connected. This is good as there is a football match tonight! 

There is a bar / snack bar thing at the site, so I'll have something from there.

I think tomorrow will be more EV15. If the scenery stays the same, it should be good. There is a threat of thunderstorms though. Hopefully the forecast is wrong! 



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Kirst on 03/07/2018 21:47:45
What the hell is that next to the chips?
Rob on 03/07/2018 22:01:26
Curry Wurst!!!