Day 4 - Santander to Somo

Posted by: Rob on 10/06/2018
Banner showing view across fields from campsite


1.33 mi
3.25 mi
10/06/2018 15:25 CEST
0.00 mph
0.00 mph
0.00 Btu
0.00 hp
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
91.04 ft
81.56 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
104.76 ft
14.14 ft
32 °F
32 °F
128.17 mi
621.30 mi
128.17 mi
621.30 mi

Spain at last!

I had a good night's sleep on the ferry and was up bright and early ready to do nothing for a few more hours. There's really not much more to say about the ferry - it basically went - Sit in cabin reading for a bit, go out on deck and look at the sea for a bit, go to cafe for coffee and read for a bit, go back to cabin and read for a bit, go to restaurant, stuff my face and read for a bit. Repeat.

On one of my many trips to the sun deck, I eventually spotted land, which was the most exciting thing to happen in what seemed like days! Of course, it was miles away and took ages before it appeared any closer.

I packed all my stuff up in anticipation of the arrival announcement that would surely come soon. And it did, so it was back down to the car deck where I'd left my bike.

I loaded up and waited for my turn to get off, then I rolled through customs, past an uninterested Spaniard, straight out of the port to another little wharf where my next ferry would leave from.

I bought a ticket to cross the bay to Somo and got onto the little boat when it arrived a few minutes later. I was the only passenger.

About half way across it started to rain. Heavily. So out came the waterproof jacket.

I had hoped to get a few miles in, maybe get a bit further up the coast, but with all the rain I decided to stop at the first campsite I came to. Which was almost immediately!

I haven't even bothered logging any miles for today as I haven't done any - off one ferry, onto another, then into a campsite! Tomorrow will be different though, no matter what the weather!

I'm starving, but of course the restaurant doesn't open until 8 o'clock, so I spent a couple of hours wrestling with my Garmin trying to get some better maps on the thing. I thought I had the whole of Europe - in fact I know I did as it was working last time I was in France. Now I've only got crappy base maps and I can't get an OSM map working... Grrr... I'm sure I'll sort something out.

Anyway, it's now just gone 8 so I'm in the restaurant. I've ordered a Somo Burger, as that seems to be the closest thing to "local" in the menu. I think it's a reduced menu as it's Sunday. In fact I'm quite surprised they're open at all!

Once fed, I think I'll retire to my tent and try and get an early start tomorrow. The weather has now improved. Let's hope it stays that way!

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Simon on 10/06/2018 21:06:44
I bet you were glad to get off that ferry! The burger looks.....interesting :-) Enjoy Spain!