Day 3 - Hayling Island to Santander

Posted by: Rob on 09/06/2018
Banner showing view of Portsmouth harbour from ferry


10.22 mi
618.05 mi
09/06/2018 06:25 BST
10.63 mph
32.44 mph
1006.88 Btu
0.09 hp
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
333.66 ft
328.74 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
255.91 ft
-2.30 ft
61 °F
57 °F
126.84 mi
618.05 mi
126.84 mi
618.05 mi

To the ferry!

I was tucked up in bed by about 21:00 last night, with my alarm set for 05:30 so I would have time to get across to Portsmouth for my ferry.

I had no problem getting to sleep that early as I was absolutely knackered anyway!

I woke up shortly before my alarm was due to go off suitably refreshed, so got up and started packing up.

Although early, it was fairly warm and most importantly - dry. It would be a nightmare rushing for the ferry in the pouring rain! As it was, I had plenty of time so it was all stress free.

I got going some time before half 6 and followed a route I had in my GPS. It certainly wasn't the shortest, but is was probably the nicest and most reliable. I had 3 different tracks, one of which looked like it wanted to send me along dodgy footpaths and possibly through fields and even the sea, so I ignored that one!

I ended up on a nice scenic route going up Portsdown Hill (I think that's what it was called) which had fantastic views of the city below. It was a bit overcast, but I could still see for miles.

After a while there was a long descent into Portsmouth. It was all main roads now, but it was fairly quiet apart from a whole bunch of police cars tearing it up. No doubt after some local villains.

I arrived at the port and got in line to check in. This took ages. Once through, I then went into another queue and waited even longer. Eventually I was able to board. I tied my bike up to the side of one of the car decks, removed my panniers and went in search of my cabin.

It's not bad, but not as nice as the ones on the ferries out of Harwich. No telly for a start.

We set sail pretty much as soon as I boarded, so I went to the sun deck to take in the sites of Portsmouth Harbour. The sun even came out!

After that I decided it was time for breakfast. I was going to go continental, but the fry up looked to good to pass up, so that's what I got. As I was making my way to a table, a Frenchman (who I assumed was an employee of Brittany Ferries rather than just some random) informed me a pastry of my choice was included in the price. So I dashed back and got myself a PAC!

The breakfast was good leaving the pan-o for dessert. It wasn't bad. A respectable 6.5/10. I'm sure there will be plenty of higher scorers to come!

With breakfast consumed I went back outside, but all I could see was sea. So I went back to my cabin for a shower. I then did a bit of washing. I may have to give it some hairdryer assisted drying, but it's got another 24 hours or so to dry.

I decided to have dinner at lunchtime, so I had some beef thing with veg and as much fruit salad as I could cram in the bowl. Gotta keep up my 5 a day!

I've explored the ship a bit and it has the usual bars and restaurants and rubbish Wi-Fi. I think I shall spend the rest of the crossing reading, eating and sleeping as there's not a lot else to do!

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Kirst on 10/06/2018 18:50:51
Can you change the settings so it shows temperature in proper numbers?
Rob on 10/06/2018 19:43:23
Go to your account settings and set your own custom units..
Karen on 09/06/2018 22:35:43
Nice sunset. Hope you have a smooth journey. How long does the ferry take?
Rob on 10/06/2018 08:13:43
About 28 hours. Looking at our current position, it will be early.... Unless we slow down so we arrive at the specified time.
Karen on 10/06/2018 18:04:57
Thanks - for some reason I always thought it took 2-3 days.....long enough to relax though 😁
mikej on 09/06/2018 17:55:46
Good to see you're going for the healthy choice breakfast! Dad