Day 6 - Gorliz to Galdona

Posted by: Rob on 12/06/2018
Mostly rain
Banner showing view of beach from top of cliffs


50.61 mi
12/06/2018 09:48 CEST
9.20 mph
31.99 mph
8189.11 Btu
0.13 hp
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
4659.12 ft
4390.75 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
1214.24 ft
1.64 ft
66 °F
59 °F
246.28 mi
621.30 mi
246.28 mi
621.30 mi

More rain

Just like yesterday, I was woken up by weather. This time wind. It was also raining for good measure, but it was the wind trying to blow me away that meant I had to get up at 3am to sort my tent out!

I did get a bit more sleep, but not much. I didn't manage to get away nice and early, but that did mean I could use the shop on the site.

I went for a PAC / Croissant combo to set me up. Unfortunately they only scored 4.5 and 4 out of 10. I think they were left over from yesterday. Edible though, so they got smashed down pretty quick.

It wasn't raining particularly hard as I set off. Hard enough for waterproofs, but they came off after an hour or so as the rain had eased off and I was way too hot!

I had a bit of a navigation problem as the route I was following was trying to send me up ridiculous muddy tracks in the middle of nowhere, so I spent a bit of time sorting that out.

There were some nice roads with hills getting over 1000ft now, but the weather kind of spoiled it all a bit. I didn't take many photos today as it was too miserable most of the time.

I could have done with stopping somewhere nice for lunch, but I couldn't find anything, so I stopped at a petrol station and got some sandwiches which were nice enough.

There are three campsites very close to each other here and I'm not sure I made the best choice. It's OK I suppose - I'm warming to it a bit now that I'm having my dinner. My first dinner ended up on the floor. The woman serving me tripped over a stool flinging my steak and chips everywhere! Hopefully they cooked some more rather than just bunging it back on the plate in the kitchen!

The forecast for tomorrow is yet more rain. But after that it looks like it's getting better. I'll be in France by then, so it might be completely different there!

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norre on 12/06/2018 22:53:40
Sounds like a tough day. Reminds me of that time waking up in a thunderstorm on the dunes of Zeeland!
Rob on 13/06/2018 16:40:43
Ah, The Dunes of Zeeland. Good album name! That will be 10 years ago next month!!
Karen on 12/06/2018 21:46:03
Wind and rain in a tent sounds a bit miserable....reminds me of an ill fated camping trip to the Yorkshire dales in 1998 in a leaky tent which then got stolen ...hopefully it's warmer than that though. Sorry to hear the PACs and croissants weren't up to much but at least you'll really appreciate the good (hopefully) ones you'll get in France.
Simon on 12/06/2018 20:06:21
¡That looks like a good steak and chips! Don't worry, now you are going to France the sun will shine!