Day 7 - Galdona to Socoa

Posted by: Rob on 13/06/2018
Overcast and rainy
Banner showing harbour and hills


60.01 mi
13/06/2018 07:05 CEST
9.26 mph
30.20 mph
9856.28 Btu
0.13 hp
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
5384.51 ft
5628.61 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
807.09 ft
-9.84 ft
63 °F
59 °F
306.29 mi
621.30 mi
306.29 mi
621.30 mi

Je suis en France!

There was no rain in the night! That meant I got a good night's kip and was up and on the road by 7.

My plan today was to get into France. Not a huge day, but as has become the norm, I'd have hills and weather to contend with.

After a crazy steep descent out of the campsite (and a quick stop at a garage for supplies), I didn't have long before a crazy steep climb back up again. I should have stuck to the main road - it would have been longer, but much more gradual. The way I went had some 30% nonsense which meant a fair bit of pushing. You'll notice the big spike early on in the elevation chart.

With that done, I knew I only had smaller climbs left with quite a bit of flat thrown in. There was a bit of a tail wind, but it didn't seem to help much!

I was deep into Basque Country now and there was a lot of graffiti and some murals not unlike those found in Northern Ireland. Also plenty of Basque roadies out on their bikes getting some miles in!

The coast road was pretty impressive in places and would have been even more so in better weather. Although the angry skies gave it all a certain feel.

As I'd set off so early, I was constantly surprised how far I'd gone with it not even being midday yet. I definitely prefer early starts, makes it all a bit more relaxed as you always feel you have loads of time.

I stopped at a bakery and got my usual PAC / Croissant combo. The PAC was incredible! A full on 9/10! It even had gooey chocolate in the middle. I think I'm going to downgrade it to an 8/10 though for two reasons - firstly the PACs I've had so far have all been poor, so anything would seem amazing in comparison. And secondly, it wasn't really a traditional PAC. More like a chocolatey croissant. So it loses a mark for poncyness!

After that I made good progress along the coast passing through San Sebastián and onwards towards France. I stopped off at a garage for more food then headed to Irun (or Irn Bru as I called it in my head!) to cross into France. It was just a bridge with very little in the way of stuff telling you you're leaving one country and entering another. I guess as far as the locals are concerned, you're not!

I made my way just a few (uphill) kilometres to St. Jean de Luz before stopping to find a campsite. And I have to say I was very pleased with my choice! It's not far from the sea in one direction and the town in the other.

After pitching my tent and having a shower, I headed into Socoa for a look around and something to eat. And that is where I am now - waiting for my moules!

Tomorrow I start heading into the Pyrenees. Oh good, more hills!

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mikej on 13/06/2018 23:43:36
Good stuff, Rob, was the cactus a table decoration or part of the meal? Definitely a notch up in the culinary stakes! Do you think the campsite is the one we stayed at in 1982(?) where the septic tank overflowed?
Rob on 14/06/2018 11:10:16
I don't think it was the same campsite. This was quite a small place.

The starter was indeed various cheeses with dips.
Karen on 14/06/2018 22:19:02
I thought the septic tank incident was in Biarritz? Have I remembered that wrong? I do remember the sewage running along the path though.....think it was more like 1983 or 1984?
Kirst on 13/06/2018 21:25:20
That looks like a nice cat. is your starter mozzarella sticks, some sort of goujon and guacamole? Pete is in trouble for biting Momo, but Momo didn't even notice.
Karen on 13/06/2018 19:49:36
Adios Espana, bonjour France.....aidan just pointed out we have had chocolate croissants like that one in Spain, so wonder if they are a Spanish thing. Nice scenery and beaches but that hill looks horrendous on your video. Your starter looks like another main course - can't work out what it is though apart from the tortilla chips? Fingers crossed the weather keeps on improving.