Day 8 - Socoa to Bunus

Posted by: Rob on 14/06/2018
Cloudy and Sunny
Banner showing low cloud over mountains


63.95 mi
14/06/2018 07:36 CEST
10.40 mph
35.12 mph
8934.65 Btu
0.13 hp
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
4421.92 ft
3926.51 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
870.41 ft
2.30 ft
72 °F
57 °F
370.24 mi
621.30 mi
370.24 mi
621.30 mi

Into the hills!

I had another good night's sleep and woke up to clouds and a little bit of sun. I got packed up and was on my way just after half seven.

My route took me through St. Jean de Luz and out to the foothills of the Pyrannees. I was soon passing through quaint little villages (something that I didn't see much of in Spain) and it wasn't long before I spotted a Boulangerie. I purchased two PACs and a solitary croissant. They were excellent and set me up nicely for my first official Pyrannean col.

It was only a baby one of 3km with each kilometre being 3%, 7% and 2%. It maxed out at only 169 metres, but don't worry - there'll be plenty bigger than that to come

The weather was a OK, but a bit annoying as when the sun poked through the clouds it was really warm, but as soon as it went in (which was often!) it was a bit cold and required long sleeves.

The road I was on was good. Mostly smooth and wide with lots of room. There were no more official cols today, but there was plenty of up and down.

There was one section where the road wasn't very wide and a huge truck came past (nice and slow) but I did think it a bit large to be on that road. And sure enough, about 5 minutes later said truck was stopped in the road and a van had gone into a ditch! It was pretty obvious what had happened - van was driving along minding his own business when he turns a corner only to have an 18 wheeler coming straight for him. So he bailed into the ditch. Van man wasn't happy, but I didn't feel like joining in the discussion, so went around them and carried on. At least I knew nothing would be overtaking me for a while as the road was blocked.

So I carried on through little villages and pleasant scenery. I started to get hungry again so stopped at a little place that sold the usual stuff. I had a baguette stuffed full of ham, cheese, salad and various other things and a big chocolate cookie. All washed down with some Orangina.

As I'd set off pretty early, I arrived at the town I'd planned on staying at way too early to stop. So I had a look for another campsite on Google maps and found one I liked the look of about another 30km away.

I still ended up stopping earlier than I would have liked, but the campsite is excellent!

I am the only person here! The staff are very friendly, but the campsite chat isn't! Also the only place to get food is at a restaurant 4km back down the road. I passed it on my way and it looked good, so I shall ride to it a bit later.

Getting here early has meant I could have a nice long shower, make myself some coffee whilst leaving my battery packs on charge in the reception building. They've been brilliant for topping stuff up, but what with being 20Ah each and the availability of power outlets in the wash rooms, I've hardly dented them. They're almost fully charged now so I'll be carrying around a full quota of electricity tomorrow! As the sun is occasionally making an appearance I'm also drying out stuff that's still a bit damp from the rain in Spain.

I'm not entirely sure what route I'll take tomorrow. The route I have in my GPS is the official Raid Pyrénéen route. I don't want to do every single col as I'll be here forever. So I'll just do a select few and go around the rest.

Right, I'm off to the restaurant. Hopefully it will be open by the time I get there!

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Karen on 14/06/2018 22:23:39
Nice view from your tent.
norre on 14/06/2018 21:49:37
Sounds like a great days touring. Did you position yourself for the bridge / bike photo specifically to align your saddle and the hand rail? If so, I commend your attention to detail.
Kirst on 14/06/2018 21:40:54
You need arm-warmers!