Preparing My Bike

Posted by: Rob on 26/05/2018

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Getting My Bike Ready

If you're not interested in bicycles, look away now.

I've done plenty of miles on this bike since the last tour - including and lots of winter riding on manky roads, so it needed a good fettle. So in addition to cleaning / replacing worn parts, I also wanted to get me some more gears. There are going to be a lot of mountains on this tour, so I'm going low.

Everything got a good clean up and lots of stuff got replaced, including:

Everything else got taken apart, cleaned and put back together again. I've been riding it a fair bit just to make sure everything is as it should be and it's running very smoothly.

A few pics below, but I couldn't be bothered to photograph absolutely everything and I'm sure you can't be bothered to trawl through that many photos of a bike in pieces!


Bike as is, first needs a clean!
Removing the chainset
Removing the rear mech
Taking stuff to pieces!
Brakes come off
Slowly coming to bits
New cassette fitted 11-34
Headset coming out
New headset in
New brakes on
Boris sunbathes
Nelly checks my work
Milo not interested
Coming together
New chainset!
New BB goes in
New rear mech
Super low bottome gear!
Oh - better put on some new tyres
Had to give it the hot and cold treatment!
Fitting the brake around the light fitting

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  Karen on 31/05/2018

Yes I like the way you added some cat 🐱 interest....and very impressed with how clean that bike is looking.

  Kirst on 31/05/2018

Excellent pictures of Boris, Nelly and Milo. RIP Lola.