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Posted by: Rob on 26/05/2018


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The Plan

Welcome back! Or just welcome if you've not been here before :)

So, what is my plan for 2018? Well, I enjoyed my Euro Tour of 2013 so much that I've decided to do it again. Only bigger and better! I'll be going to more countries, riding more miles and eating more PACs than ever!

I've done done plenty of cycling and camping since the last tour, but nothing big enough to warrant a blog. Ever since the last trip, I've wanted to do something similar again, but finding the time can be difficult. But this year all the stars are aligned and all my ducks are in a row... or someting like that, so on June the 7th I head off.

My route will look something like this:

Route map for 2018

Obviously the red lines are ferries! So I'll ride down to Portsmouth, get on a ferry to Santander, then ride through Spain, France, Andorra, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and The Netherlands before getting the ferry home from Hoek van Holland.

That's the plan anyway, it might well be quite different from the map above, we'll just have to wait and see!

I'll be updating my location on the map a couple of times a day so you can see where I am.

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Nik on 06/06/2018 09:40:07
Nice one Bobb...Enjoy the tour, I think it's fair to use the word Epic here!
Norma on 04/06/2018 22:23:45
Fingers crossed for decent weather Rob!
Canardly on 04/06/2018 14:52:34
Enjoy, have a great time.
Wowbagger on 01/06/2018 22:30:28
That's an impressive tour! I will be following your progress with interest. Bon voyage!
Rob on 31/05/2018 23:01:57
I've been plotting various routes on Ride With GPS and Strava in conjunction with a campsite app. It's making me nervous. There's a lot of hills out there! And in some places the campsites are quite far apart - Italy in particular. It also doesn't help that the book I've just finished reading was set in Italy and loads of people got killed by the Mafia...
Karen on 31/05/2018 18:17:17
Looking forward to following your progress on the map etc. The PAC counter will also be watched with interest here :)
Oscars Dad on 31/05/2018 14:07:44
Brilliant. Happy pedalling and I look forward to reading about your adventures.
pcolbeck on 31/05/2018 09:30:05
It can't be five years since your last epic tour Bobb! This one looks like a good one.