Day 13 - Chertsey to Chelmsford

Posted by: Rob on 03/08/2019
Mostly sunny
Banner showing cricket match in Essex


70.87 mi
03/08/2019 07:22 BST
11.80 mph
32.44 mph
6222.53 Btu
0.09 hp
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
1288.06 ft
1209.97 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
349.74 ft
-5.58 ft
77 °F
61 °F
839.73 mi
4.96 mi
839.73 mi
4.96 mi

The last day!

Even though I had all the time in the world today, I still got up early and got going. It was very warm first thing and my tent was nice and dry when packing up for a change.

As I had been to this campsite before, I had a gpx file to follow at least up until around Liverpool Street. After that, I'd just have to wing it which wouldn't be a problem as I've done it enough times in the past.

The ride out of leafy Surrey into London was very pleasant in the morning sunshine and it didn't take too long before I was in Richmond Park. There were tons of people out! Cyclists, runners, walkers and just... well, lots of people.

I stopped at a cafe as I could smell bacon! So I had the most outrageously expensive bacon roll and the most miserly cappuccino ever. Whilst taking my time consuming my purchase - trying to get the maximum minutes of consumption per pound spent, I knocked up a gpx track for the last part of my journey. As there were a number of Veloviewer squares I could pick off in east London, I thought I might as well do them now.

With that done, I set off again. As I got closer to central London I noticed a lot of cyclists, particularly families. I realised it was the Freecycle event so a bunch of roads were closed for that. Roads that I wanted to go down, but in the opposite direction. So I had to reroute slightly to avoid all the bloody cyclists! Not a problem as there are so many different roads that would ultimately take me to the same place.

Once out of the centre, I started weaving around picking off the squares. This wasn't great as most of the areas I went through were holes. But they're done now so I never have to go back!

Eventually, feeling pretty tired, I crossed over the M25 at Noaks Hill and found myself in familiar territory. I was back in my manor! I took it easy for a while, stopping for occassional rests, then cracked on with more purpose for the last few miles.

So that's it! about 840 miles - a bit disappointed with that. I thought I might get to 1000, but there you go. I've done a load of washing, but the camping stuff can wait until tomorrow before getting a clean.

I enjoyed the tour very much and am already pondering where to go next year. I may fit in some sort of mini tour in the next couple of months - we'll see....

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Karen on 04/08/2019 19:53:20
840 miles sounds pretty impressive to me! Well done and enjoy a well deserved rest!
Oscars Dad on 04/08/2019 07:58:49
An excellent trip and I’ve enjoyed your blog as always! Looking forward to the next one!