Day 6 - Dawlish to Maker

Posted by: Rob on 27/07/2019
Mostly sunny
Banner showing boats in harbour


61.29 mi
0.64 mi
27/07/2019 07:25 BST
7.12 mph
34.00 mph
8154.61 Btu
0.10 hp
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
4485.89 ft
4212.27 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
638.78 ft
-0.98 ft
84 °F
57 °F
383.14 mi
4.84 mi
383.14 mi
4.84 mi

Made it to Cornwall!

I woke up nice and early and was packed up and away promptly. I wanted to get some more inner tubes and I noticed there was a Halfords in Newton Abbot that I could swing by. Of course, they don't open until 9, so I had a leisurely ride down the NCN2 along the coast. And very pleasant it was too at that time in the morning.

I got my tubes (3 for 9 quid!) and carried on making my way down to Totnes. The route got a bit patchy here as it's obviously been rerouted since the track I have was made and I found my path blocked by immovable objects on more than one occasion. I also had to go back a couple of miles at one point which was most annoying. I did see a steam train though!

Once I got to Totnes, I couldn't really find anywhere I fancied, so ended up riding around in circles for a bit before settling for a selection of stuff from a traditional store, including a Devon pasty which tasted remarkably like a Cornish pasty!

I found my way back to the NCN (eventually) and it was really nice. Annoyingly, there was a fantastic looking café which I could have gone to and avoided my unnecessary tour of Totnes.

After a while it was back on country roads. Obviously it was very hilly, but there was nothing too bad really - I only had to get off and walk a couple of times!

My eventual goal was to get to the Plymouth to Cremyll ferry. Of course, I was stressing about this after yesterday's ferry, plus I was well behind schedule again.

When I saw a sign saying Plymouth was only 15 miles, my mood lifted. The thing is though - when you're fully loaded and hills are involved, 15 miles takes bloody ages! Plus the ferry was actually several miles further on. Anyway, I made it. There was no ramp again, but the bloke helped me lift it on and off again at the other side.

So once off the ferry, I was in Cornwall! I'd decided on a campsite just a couple of miles or so from the ferry. And yes - of course it was all uphill!

The campsite is quite a place. It's all focused around some sort of WW2 facility. There are old barracks and lots of bunkers. It's fairly spread out and I'm in an area all on my own for people without cars. 

The views are incredible and there's a lovely village just down (another) hill. And that is where I am now. I'm in a nice pub. I had some spicy meatball things which were very nice and now I'm waiting for my desert. I ordered fruit crumble and ice-cream, so I'm looking forward to that!

Tomorrow I aim to get to (or past) St. Austell. Right, my crumble's arrived! 

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Karen on 28/07/2019 08:38:36
Amazing views and dinner looks delish