Day 5 - Charmouth to Dawlish

Posted by: Rob on 26/07/2019

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Distance: 37.62 mi    1.50 mi

26/07/2019 08:42:19 BST

Elev. gain: 3147.97 ft

Total time: 6:00:20

Riding time: 4:36:51

Ave. temp: 36.20 °F

Ave. speed: 5.27 mph

Max speed: 29.08 mph

Ave. power: 0.06 hp

Energy ex.: 5349.29 Btu

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321.85 mi
Short but hilly!
Sun and Cloud Icon  Sunny and cloudy

I didn't wake up very early after last night's shenanigans, but was on the road by 9. There had been a little rain very early, but it soon cleared. It was quite overcast but the sun did come out now and again throughout the day and when it did it was hot!

I made my way down to Lyme Regis and then west on the trusty NCN2. It started to get hilly pretty quickly and progress was slow!

The first place of any significance I came to was Seaton. It was very pleasant and incredibly quiet which surprised me. In fact, the roads were really quiet too. Just the odd car and the occasional bus which makes things interesting on narrow lanes with high hedges!

Next up it was on to Sidmouth. A lot of up and down and with a mile or so to go I was still at around 500ft, so there was a pretty steep drop down to the town and the sea front.

Of course, as I suspected, there was an equally steep climb back out again! Now I've climbed alps and pyrenean cols, but for shear brutality you can't beat some good old fashioned Devonian and Cornish hills! I ended up walking much of this one!

After that I worked my way over to Exmouth where I'd get the ferry over to Starcross. More hills, but the last bit was a nice gentle downhill on an old railway route.

All the ferries I've got so far have worked out perfectly timing wise, but this one didn't. I had a 50 minute wait, but I used that time wisely by stuffing my face with various items from a nearby shop.

This particular ferry was a real pain. I was ordered to take off my panniers which is a pain (and pointless) and on the other side there were steps up to the jetty!

I managed them OK, but worse was to come. You get spewed out at a railway station and you have to cross the tracks. And the only way is via a footbridge with no ramp, just lots of steps!

Fortunately, a friendly member of station staff helped me over the bridge and then down yet more steps to the street. I would imagine wheelchair users might have something to say about this total accessibility shambles! 

I was in a bit of a mood by this point as I'd expected to get over to Starcross about three hours earlier! So it was time to find a campsite. 

I was a bit worried what with it being the start of the weekend - I had visions of campsites being either full up or full of chavs! 

Fortunately, this one is neither. It's bloody great actually! Very friendly and I have a nice pitch. It also has decent WiFi and a launderette. So that is where I am now - just waiting for my washing to finish. I'm also charging all my batteries which is good as no other site has had a mains socket in sight.

Oh and my neighbours are very friendly - they made me a cup of coffee on my arrival!

So once the washing is done, I'll head out to look for food. Not sure what it will be yet, but there are shops and bars and stuff about half a mile away... 


Bike under massive bridge
More bridge
Axmouth Harbour
This part of NCN2 appears to have fallen into the sea!
Nice Devonian church
Bridge over massive Ford at Sidmouth
Ominous clouds over Exmouth

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  mikej on 27/07/2019

Ferry nightmare! Watching Tour at Jones's. Amazing weather yesterday and short race today so end of race a bit odd.

  Karen on 26/07/2019

Sounds like today was hard work with all those hills and steps....can’t believe how quiet all the beaches look in your photos. Impressive bridge!