Getting Ready

Posted by: Rob on 21/07/2019
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0.00 mi

One day to go!

I didn't need to do anything to my bike other than clean it and make a few adjustments, so you've been spared lots of boring photos of a dismantled bicycle! I did however need to get my tent out to make sure it was how it should be. Unsurprisingly, it was!

I made a list yesterday of everything I need to take, so it was just a case of going through the list, finding everything and then shoving it all in my panniers. Fortunately I've done this enough times now to be pretty quick and I know how much - or rather how little to pack!

I am going to make more of an effort to cook this year (I know I said the same thing last year but ended up making nothing more than a cup of coffee!) so aswell as packing my cooking stuff I've also got some little containers filled with things like salt, pepper, chilli flakes etc plus a little bottle of washing up liquid. So I WILL be doing some cooking this year!

Once I'd packed everything up, I loaded up the bike and went for a little test ride. Just a few miles around the park to make sure there were no irritating rattles or worrying noises. There were none.

So I'm all ready to go! I aim to get going reasonably early tomorrow morning. I need to get down to Tilbury to get the ferry over to Gravesend and then head down to a campsite I've booked in Sussex. I've just checked the timetable and it looks like the 10:15 is the ferry to go for. The one before that is 09:10 so I'd have to leave pretty early to get that one.

So... Until tomorrow!


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Oscars Dad on 22/07/2019 15:55:31
I did cooking on my Tour in 2017. The pinnacle of my gastronomic endeavour was a full steak dinner. Do you have similar ambitions?
Rob on 22/07/2019 21:11:20
The only full steak dinner I'll have will be in a pub!