Day 10 - Scorton to Morland

Posted by: Rob on 29/05/2024
Mostly Dry!
Cumbrian view


61.96 mi
29/05/2024 06:31 BST
8.84 mph
32.42 mph
12821.01 Btu
0.10 hp
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
5098.43 ft
4957.35 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
1059.71 ft
51.84 ft
72 °F
50 °F
627.06 mi
325.40 mi
627.06 mi
325.40 mi

A dry day!

I woke up super early. Before 5 type of early. After a while, I realised I wasn't going to get back to sleep, so I got up. It had finally stopped raining, so the quicker I got packed up, the better.

My initial target was the town of Caton for some breakfast. It was getting pretty hilly, so it took a while to get there.

I got the usual from the Coop - PAC, PAR and a Croissant. No coffee machine though!

After that, I got going again. There was a lovely bit of disused railway line, but I wasn't on it for long. I'm guessing it went all the way to Lancaster, but I was continuing north.

The scenery at this point was starting to get more and more spectacular. I noticed there were signs saying I was in Cumbria, but I didn't notice a sign welcoming me, so not sure when or where I entered.

It did rain on and off, but it was nothing like it has been. The skies were constantly threatening, so I had my jacket ready at all times!

I was feeling pretty tired - not surprising after such an early start, so progress was slow. The constant hills didn't help.

I stopped for some lunch in Sedbergh and plotted the next part of my route. I decided to ignore my planned route as it was taking me down some crazy roads only ever used by farm vehicles. I ended up riding through who knows what at one farm. It stank and it splashed all over my bike and feet! Luckily I had a litre of water from the last campsite, so I squirted that all over my feet and bike. I then proceeded to ride through as many floods from overflowing streams as possible. That seemed to do the trick.

My new route didn't avoid the big hills, but it was more direct. I had a thousand footer to get over, but I hardly noticed it as it was fairly gradual.

I was in the valley that the river flows through. The road more or less followed the river. The railway also nearby. Plus the A6 and of course the M6. Quite a busy little corridor.

My next stop was Shap to get some supplies. I also looked for a campsite whilst there. Found a couple, but selected the cheapest! It's perfect. Just a field with a small wash block. It would be a nightmare if it was busy, but seeing as it's just me and a Dutch couple in a camper van, it's fine.

As it's not raining for once, I have had a cook up and am all ready to relax for a bit. The forecast is for more rain tonight, but we shall see. It's supposed to be raining now, but it's not!

Hopefully get into Scotland tomorrow.

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mikej on 29/05/2024 20:50:49
Let's hope the weather continues to improve. The fault with the Washing Machine proved to be the control boards were knackered and would cost £300 to replace - so I have ordered a new machine. I wonder if you can buy PAC's and PAR's in Scotland?
Karen on 29/05/2024 20:27:45
Love the cycle path in the middle of the M6! Great views, and good to hear the rain has eased off. It looks almost like the sun is out on the campsite?