Day 11 - Morland to Loch Maben

Posted by: Rob on 30/05/2024
Castle Loch


62.39 mi
30/05/2024 07:07 BST
9.72 mph
25.14 mph
10330.57 Btu
0.07 hp
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
2565.62 ft
2975.72 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
629.27 ft
-29.53 ft
82 °F
48 °F
689.46 mi
325.40 mi
689.46 mi
325.40 mi

Sunny at last!

I woke up to the pleasant, but now tiresome pitter patter of rain on my tent. There was no point moping around, so I just got up and got on with it.

I was away soon after 7 and the rain stopped almost immediately. There was a fairly stiff wind from the northwest which was kinda in my face. But I didn't care as it was blowing all the rubbish away!

I soon got to Penrith and stopped for coffee. I already had a bit of food left over from yesterday, so had that for breakfast.

With Penrith ticked off, it was on to Carlisle. The roads were really good - smooth, quiet and flat!

I made it to the outskirts in good time and had some nice cycle paths to follow through and out of the town.

I didn't stop as it wasn't far to Gretna from there. I followed the path and then on to roads with some good views looking back to the Lake District looming in the distance.

I wasn't sure when I'd enter Scotland and thought I might have missed the sign, but then it showed up and I stopped for a photo.

There really are loads of wedding venues and registry offices in Gretna! I saw a few "Just married" cars rattling through town.

I saw a sign for Nando's and thought that sounded good. But it wasn't a branch of Nando's, it was a proper, traditional run down Scottish chippy that sold everything!

I fancied a cheeseburger and the woman serving asked if I wanted it battered! Horrified, I declined. But maybe I should have done! When in Rome and all that...

It was pretty good though and set me up for the next stint to Lockerbie.

This was a weird stretch - it was basically a straight road with a cycle path at the side. It was fine if a little boring.

The weather had been great all day. Sunny spells with a bit of a breeze.

I'd noticed a campsite not far from Lockerbie that looked good, but with the lack of hills, I'd made good time. I found another further up at Moffat, but they said they were full. Bit annoying, but I didn't mind finishing a bit early, so I called the first site and that's where I am now.

It's quite nice - right by a little loch. Quite busy, but plenty of space.

It's right by a little town, so I may go and have a look round and get something to eat. I have food to cook, but I'm so tired, I'm not sure I can be bothered!

Weather looks good for tomorrow, so hopefully can smash out some decent miles.

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Karen on 30/05/2024 19:32:00
Ironic that the best weather so far is the day you reach Scotland! I think I recognised Dixon’s Chimney in Carlisle in your video from when we used to visit Ben’s Grandpa. The loch looks lovely.
Rob on 30/05/2024 19:41:14
Yup, it's official - Scotland has the best weather?
mikej on 30/05/2024 19:21:11
Looks like a pretty good day weather and road wise. Cold and damp here all best
Rob on 30/05/2024 19:41:59
Indeed. I'm hoping for more of the same tomorrow!