Day 1 - Chelmsford to Stottisham

Posted by: Rob on 06/04/2023
Mostly Cloudy
The river Debden


76.56 mi
06/04/2023 09:34 BST
11.48 mph
28.17 mph
13261.20 Btu
0.09 hp
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
2719.82 ft
2774.93 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
337.93 ft
-7.22 ft
70 °F
50 °F
76.56 mi
76.56 mi

And I'm off!

So I got all packed and ready and hit the road at about 09:30. The weather forecast wasn't exactly great, but it wasn't raining when I set off, so all was good.

As usual, the first few miles were all about getting used to a bike that now weighs several tons. Well, that's what it felt like anyway! But I soon got used to it and was soon making my way over Danbury Hill. Only a few miles in, but most likely the highest point of the trip.

Once I got down to Maldon, there was a bit of rain around, but to be honest, it was nothing really and I just pressed on making good time.

As I was crossing Abberton Resoviour, I suddenly felt hungry, so I stopped off at the visitor centre for a sandwich and a coffee. I realised it was better to stop and eat there rather than doing what I usually do which is wait until I'm absolutely starving before inhaling a load of junk food from whatever shop I eventually find!

Refuelled, I passed through Colchester, mostly on cycle paths, before being spat out the other side. It was raining a bit more persistently at this point, but I had a waterproof jacket on, so no dramas.

I did end up getting a little lost - my Garmin goes mental if I deviate even the slightest distance from the route. It just beeps at me like crazy to do a U turn even when I'm back on track. Of course I then didn't know which way I was supposed to be going and neither did the Garmin, so I just did a few extra miles for no good reason!

Eventually I got to Ipswich and followed cycle paths all the way through. Seemed to go on forever, but was actually quite nice.

I stopped for a minging pasty and a can of warm coke at the world's most poorly stocked convenience store before carrying on and making it past Ipswich and onto the final leg.

I stopped for some supplies at a better stocked shop and made it to the campsite by about 6. Quite a bit later than expected, but I did stop quite a few times. And went the wrong way for a bit!

Anyway, after some dinner and a lovely hot shower, I am now safely tucked up in my tent. An early night methinks, ready for more tomorrow!

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Karen on 07/04/2023 17:45:43
Aargh just hit delete by mistake and deleted my post while I was trying to edit it. Anyway, I wanted to say that the photos are great, especially the reservoir and river - very atmospheric. And I hope you’ve had a good day today - the weather has certainly been a lot better. I’m guessing you’re somewhere in Suffolk at the moment….
mikej on 07/04/2023 11:56:25
well done Rob. Hope you are having the same warm sunny weather as we are here. You have some good pictures, especially the cat