Easter Mini Tour Plan

Posted by: Rob on 17/03/2023
Getting ready


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A Warm Up Tour

I've really got the itch to do some more touring and now that winter is more or less over, it's time to get out there!

The long Easter weekend is a good opportunity to get a mini tour in early doors before a longer tour in the summer.

My sister has invited me to lunch on Easter Sunday in Norwich, so I might as well cycle up there! My route will look something like this:

Rough route for Easter mini tour

I've been in touch with some campsites along the way, so that's all sorted. I just hope it isn't particularly cold and/or wet - very much a possiblilty in early April!

I've given the bike the once over - nothing too drastic for now and put my tent up to make sure I remember how!


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Kirst on 05/04/2023 20:58:51
Time to mow the grass!
Rob on 05/04/2023 21:05:06
I was going to! There's been light frosts the last couple of nights, so I'm waiting until it gets warmer.