Day 2 - Shottisham to Bastwick

Posted by: Rob on 07/04/2023
Sunny spells
Great Yarmouth


81.41 mi
07/04/2023 07:54 BST
10.65 mph
22.05 mph
12353.06 Btu
0.07 hp
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
2148.95 ft
2305.12 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
97.11 ft
0.00 ft
68 °F
41 °F
157.97 mi
157.97 mi

Another great day!

Last night I wrapped up nice and warm and slept like a log. It was very cold in the morning, but I was just about warm enough - although it was a bit of a struggle emerging from my sleeping bag when it was time to get up!

I hadn't laid out my stuff in a particulary efficient manner, so it was a bit of a faff getting packed up, but I was all ready to go by just before 8.

As soon as I set off, the sun came out and it felt absolutely amazing! Shame it hadn't popped out a bit earlier so I could dry my tent out a bit. Oh well, at least it wasn't raining.

The first part of the day just kinda flew by. I'd eaten a couple of flapjacks that I had left over from yesterday and they filled me up nicely. I was getting hungry by late morning though, so I headed to the café at Dunwich beach. I got coffee and a few bits and pieces including a gigantic sausage roll which went down well.

After that, it was on to Southwold. This time I took the back way in down a path and over a foot bridge. Cuts out lots of road. It was quite busy with walkers and bimbling cyclists though what with it being a bank holiday.

Next up it was on to Covehithe. I've wanted to check the place out for a while as it's gradually falling into the sea. Not a great deal to see without going down to the beach, but I did ride as far as the road went before it abruptly stops at the top of a massive, soon to collapse, cliff.

At this point it had properly clouded over and the wind was getting cold, so I pushed on. The next bit to get through was Lowestoft.

Never been before, but heard it's a bit of a dump. I can confirm that it is.

Once out of there I stopped at a shop for snacks and water and contemplated what to do for dinner later. I really fancied fish and chips, but wasn't sure if they'd be anything near the campsite I'd booked.

Anyway, after what felt like hours (mainly because it was!) of fighting my way through Great Yarmouth and the surrounding built up areas, I was getting closer to leaving all that behind and being back in the middle of nowhere. Unsure what to do about food, I pressed on.

Soon enough I came to the last village about 3 miles out from the campsite. It was a pleasant place and it came with a smell. The unmistakable smell of a fish and chip shop!

So I followed my nose and found it. It was still a bit before normal dinner time, but it was already heaving. Luckily I got in just before a bunch of people who wanted to order the entire contents of the North Sea with every potato in Norfolk, so I didn't have to wait long. I then sat outside and demolished the lot.

All that was left now was to roll down to the campsite. There was a bit of drama as the road was closed by the police and a fire engine was blocking the road. There was some sort of accident I guess and the fire crew were mopping up. After a while a bloke came up and told everybody waiting it would be another 45 minutes. Except for me of course - he let me through as I could squeeze past on the verge.

5 minutes later and I arrived. I got pitched up and got a brew on to wash down my dessert of coop own brand jam tarts. Then a had a shower under the world's weakest shower. It was barely powerful enough to wash the soap off. At least it was hot.

So now I'm nice and cosy in my tent relaxing. To be honest I could go to sleep pretty soon despite it being only 8 o'clock. In fact, I probably will...

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Karen on 08/04/2023 08:55:46
Did you get your fish and chips from the place by the green in Martham?
Rob on 08/04/2023 10:23:09
Yes I did!
mikej on 08/04/2023 08:31:19
Hi Rob well done again. I posted a comment yesterday but it seems to have disappeared. I don't see a lot of other tents on your campsites? all best Dad
Karen on 07/04/2023 22:22:59
Never knew there were so many ruined churches around. That beach photo looks like Gorleston rather than Gt Yarmouth? Sounds like you’ve had a good day - very impressed you have managed to get so far in 2 days….I thought you’d still be in Suffolk. Hope you have a good night at the campsite and look forward to seeing tomorrow’s photos.
Rob on 08/04/2023 07:46:38
Quite possibly was Gorleston, I just assumed it was Gt Yarmouth!