Day 3 - Bastwick to Marsham

Posted by: Rob on 08/04/2023
Cold then sunny


57.25 mi
08/04/2023 07:53 BST
10.05 mph
26.73 mph
9093.28 Btu
0.08 hp
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
2178.48 ft
2098.43 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
292.65 ft
0.00 ft
79 °F
43 °F
215.22 mi
215.22 mi

A cold day

Slept like a log again. Woke up freezing again!

I had planned to take my time setting off sering as I only had about 60 miles to do today, but there's only so much faffing you can do when it's freezing cold!

So I set off around 8 and was soon on nice quiet country lanes. I was wrapped up warm, but my core temperature was low, so I needed to get inside for a bit. Fortunately, when I rocked up to Sea Palling, there was a nice, inviting café. So in I went for coffee and bacon.

I warmed up a bit whilst inside and when I set off again the sun finally made an appearance!

I plodded along, taking my time knowing I could end up at the campsite by early afternoon if I wasn't careful, so I decided to take lots of stops to have a look around and kill time in general.

I was soon heading through the various towns on the north coast which were all really busy. If it's like that on a freezing day in April, I dread to think what it's like on a scorcher in August!

I was really hungry when I got to Cromer, so I looked for somewhere to get some food. The first couple of cafés were just too rammed, so I pressed on and eventually found a bloke selling burgers from a barby outside a pub. Perfect! So I smashed that down (I could've eaten two to be honest! ) and got on my way.

Sheringham was also rammed, but after that I turned inland. Away from the crowds and away from the cold sea air!

I was clearly in steam train country as I could hear it and occasionally see it. But I was never close enough to get a photo. Some time later, I was getting rid of some layers in a field (it was finally warming up!) and I spotted the train track on the other side. Then I heard it! So I legged it over to get a picture, but it didn't come out great as I just wasn't close enough.

After that I didn't have far to go, so I trundled onwards including an off road stretch through the Blickling Hall Estate. Which was pleasant.

I got to Aylsham - which I'm sure I recognise from some Audax rides in the past - and stopped for some supplies. Loaded up with a tin of macaroni cheese, some bread and various snacks, I rolled down to the campsite which was only a few miles away.

And what a campsite it is! I've got acres of space with my own little covered bench area. The shower was so hot and powerful, it easily made it into my top 5 all time campsite showers!

I've cooked and eaten my insiped tin of macaroni cheese and am now enjoying the last of the evening sun. I'm not going to get complacent though - extra layers are going on tonight!

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Simon on 09/04/2023 09:15:38
Hello mate, just catching up on your progress, looks like a lovely tour of the ruined churches of East Anglia! Love that campsite, looks like you even had your own deck! I was chuffed (geddit?) to see some steam train action. Nice work!
Karen on 08/04/2023 20:31:47
Great photos and sounds like a good day, although a bit busy on the coast and not that warm. I was surprised to see people on the beach in your photo of mundesley as thought it was shut due to a sewage spillage - tried to post a link to the article that told me this but got told not to post links lol! So you’ll have to look it up yourself on EDP website if you want to know….. Maybe it’s cleared up now! Hope you have a nice evening and not too cold……and look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning when you make it to the finish line in Norwich!
Rob on 09/04/2023 08:50:26
Yeah sorry - blocking links keeps the spam bots at bay!