Day 4 Hellean to La Roche Bernard

Posted by: Rob on 05/06/2013

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Day 4
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I was quite surprised that I didn't wake up until 8 am this morning. I usually wake up way before then when camping, but I guess I'm still getting over the ferry-lag.

So I packed up my stuff and hit the road. It was about 5 miles back to the cycle route and I didn't bother picking up any food as I was still full from last night!

It was really hot right from the off and I had the sun on my left as I headed south. My tan is a little uneven ;)

After a while I reached the town of Ploermel. Unfortunately you need to be able to see round corners to find the sign for the cycle route there. So I just busted out a few miles in completely the wrong direction...

After turning back and finding the correct path, my mood lightened when I realised I had about 25 miles of uninterrupted smooth tarmac to the next town. This was good in that it meant I made good progress, not so good in that it was really rather boring!

I finally stopped after about 35 miles for some food. I saw a shop and bought a baguette, some sausage and some sort of almond cake. I smashed that all down as I was really hungry by then.

Next up, it was back on the main road. I swear I was on that road for half an hour before a car came past. The French seem to have an awful lot of spare roads!

I made good progress and decided my next stop would be La Roche St Bernard. As I approached the town I had a little race with a teenage boy. He came past me then settled about 50 metres ahead. He'd clearly knackered  himself over taking me as every time I closed the gap he looked over his shoulder and immediately got out of the saddle to press on. Anyway, it was good fun until he turned off to go wherever he was going.

I got to the bridge and stopped to take some photos as well as check the directions to the local campsite.

The town was very nice and typically French. When I found the campsite, reception was of course shut. So I sat in the shade reading for an hour until someone turned up.

I booked myself in, pitched my tent and had a shower. Then I had a wander around town and found somewhere to have dinner. And that is where I currently am! Sitting outside by the water. I had a massive burger followed by some ice cream. Very nice.

I shall now go and find a shop to get some supplies for tomorrow. I saw one earlier - you never know - it might even be open!


Cycle route
Empty road
Bike on bridge
CDC ice cream

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  Babbsy on 10/06/2013

Hold on. This is mostly about cycling and food. My kinda blog :-)

  Dad on 05/06/2013

Hi Rob - you'll soon be south of the Loire and can put your shorts on!

  Mum on 05/06/2013

Looks idyllic where you are - especially the empty roads. Hope the weather holds out. Boris wrapped himself up in a blanket on your bed for most of today! x

  Kirst on 05/06/2013

That burger isn't as poncy as the one you had in Edinburgh, but I like how the icecream and wafer is a cock and balls.

  simonparrott on 05/06/2013

Wherever you are in France you will get overtaken by some crazy local! ;-) That burger looks good!