Day 14 - Narbonne to Marseillan Plage

Posted by: Rob on 20/06/2018
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Distance 61.28 mi
20/06/2018 07:35 CEST
9.74 mph
25.72 mph
4828.60 Btu
0.06 hp
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
1213.25 ft
1238.52 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
150.59 ft
-6.56 ft
90 °F
66 °F
Total Distance 774.18 mi
Total Distance 621.30 mi
Total Distance 774.18 mi
Total Distance 621.30 mi

Another roasting day!

I'd decided I'd take it easy today. I'd just had two fairly long days, the sun was out and I felt like having a look around.

I left the campsite fairly early and made my way down to the sea proper. The "sea" near the campsite was more of some kind of inlet thing.

The first place I came to was Gruissan. I found a food selling establishment and bought a PAC, a C and an amazing apricot thing. I took it down to the sea front and ate it there. Very pleasant.

Next up I followed a brilliant cycle path all along the sea front at Narbonne Plage. I thought about just jumping in as it was pretty hot already, despite being early in the morning.

I followed some really quiet roads, a few rough tracks and finally a bit of canal before arriving in Agde. I got myself some baguette thing with just about everything you could think of putting in one in it. I also got more water as I'd almost run out. I'd got through nearly 3 litres by that point!

After smashing down my lunch, I set off again and things started to go a bit wrong. The road I wanted specifically stated there was no cycling, walking or indeed tractors on that stretch of road. There's always an alternative in these situations, but I just couldn't find it. Google maps in cycling mode insisted that was the way to go, but it wasn't.

Oh well, I got to see plenty of Cap d'Agde as I rode around in circles. I also got shouted at for taking a short cut across the entrance to the "Naturist Village". I decided not to stop there 😋

I had hoped to get up to Sète, but I'd wasted so much time faffing around the cap, I decided to find a campsite near where I was.

It's all mega sites round here, but the one I'm at is ok. They didn't charge the Earth and my pitch is 30 metres from the beach!

The first thing I did after getting my tent up was to go and jump in the sea. It was colder than I expected, but very refreshing.

There are plenty of food places nearby, so I shall go and stuff my face in a minute. Then an early night. I've been really tired all day - could just be the heat I suppose - not that I'm complaining!

Edit: I'm now at a restaurant. I'm sitting outside under this thing that sprays really fine water everywhere to cool things down. This is good as it's still nudging 30 degrees. I've ordered a pizza. Had plenty of salad and stuff last night 😋

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  Kirst on 20/06/2018 21:03:04
Pete says hi.
  Rob on 21/06/2018 12:45:03
Hi Pete!