Day 2 - Bentley to Hayling Island

Posted by: Rob on 23/07/2019

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Distance: 68.82 mi

23/07/2019 08:13:16 BST

Elev. gain: 967.85 ft

Total time: 7:49:53

Riding time: 5:42:55

Ave. temp: 69.80 °F

Ave. speed: 12.04 mph

Max speed: 30.42 mph

Ave. power: 0.09 hp

Energy ex.: 6109.51 Btu

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149.60 mi
A hot day in the saddle
Sun Icon  Hot and sunny!

I slept unbelievably well last night. I woke just before 6, so took a peek outside. I was expecting clear blue skies as it was so light in my tent, but what I saw was dense mist! The sun was already having a crack at burning it off though, so I knew it wouldn't last long.

I took my time packing up and dried my tent out in the rapidly warming sun. I was all ready to go but the shop didn't open until 8, so I hung around until it did. I picked up a few bits and pieces and also got a coffee as they had a fancy machine. No PACs though. Not to worry - I figured that Brighton is a pretentious enough place to have some sort of overpriced specialist PAC shop, so I'd be sorted when I passed through in a couple of hours time.

It was a nice ride down to Lewes which seemed like a nice place. After that it was NCN90 (I think) all the way to Brighton. It was a nice fast path that mostly ran next to the main road. I did nearly wear my bell out trying to get past about 50 Italian student types. They were just sort of wandering in the path wondering what the constant pinging bell meant and just generally being Italian. When I got past there was a bloke riding the other way. I expect the entire process was repeated!

Once into Brighton I hit the sea front. It was very nice. Lots of people around, but not painfully busy. I never did find the pretentious, overpriced specialist PAC shop, but I did stop at a kiosk just past Shoreham for a burger.

I carried on along the coast, but after a while the route on my Garmin didn't match up with the real world! I think the NCN2 has been rerouted since the track I have was created. But never mind, I just got to explore some random places!

It got very hot in the afternoon and I stopped several times for water. And also chips at Bognor Regis and an icecream from a petrol station as I headed past Chichester towards Havant. After that I was back on a path to Hayling Island. I was getting a bit paranoid about the campsite being full, but I needn't have worried as there's plenty of room. I actually stayed here last year on my way to getting the ferry from Portsmouth.

I've had a shower and washed the kit I wore today as obviously it got very sweaty! It's drying nicely in the late afternoon sun.

Not sure what to do for dinner. There is a pub that sells cheap grub which I went to last year, but I'll see if there's a shop nearby first. I'll stick any extra pics up later...

Edit: I went to the pub in the end :) 


I grab a quick coffee before setting off
Bike on bridge
Sea looks inviting!
Palace Pier, Brighton
Dead pier
Bognor Regis
On a bridge...
East of Portsmouth
Looking back to the mainland from Hayling Island
My pitch

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  mikej on 24/07/2019

I'm a bit late in reading your comments from yesterday, Rob. I used to drive to Portsmouth on a regular basis in 80's. We were delivering a high-level course in the new system we were delivering. We timed the course to be a 2.00 pm start (to give us time to get down there), a full day and a morning (to give us time to get home). The routine we established gave us time on the trip drive down to hop on to Hayling Island and go to the Ship Inn for a 2 pint lunch. Is that where you went? Probably not as it is right at the northern end of the island, but I remember it as being v good.

  Rob on 23/07/2019

Yes, steak and kidney pud and no I didn't go for a dip - too busy to leave my bike and stuff. Plus I couldn't be arsed!

  Karen on 23/07/2019

Is that steak and kidney pudding?

  Karen on 23/07/2019

Wow Brighton beach looked really tempting if a bit stony...only been there once about 20 years ago. Did you go for a dip? Shame about the PAC situation - hope it improves!