Day 3 - Hayling to Holmsley

Posted by: Rob on 24/07/2019

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Distance: 57.36 mi    2.33 mi

24/07/2019 07:57:21 BST

Elev. gain: 1460.63 ft

Total time: 8:52:58

Riding time: 6:04:00

Ave. temp: 56.30 °F

Ave. speed: 8.01 mph

Max speed: 28.41 mph

Ave. power: 0.05 hp

Energy ex.: 4984.85 Btu

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206.96 mi
A day of ferries
Sun Icon  Hot and sunny!

What a long day! It's just coming up to 9 o'clock and I'm finally fed and washed. So now I can relax and actually write this post!

So let's go right back to last night - seems a long time ago now! I had dinner in the pub and there was talk of thunderstorms. And there were. Some time in the small hours I was awoken by a colossal crack of thunder! This went on for a good hour or so. The rain was light to start with, but there was a good half hour or so of torrential rain. And then it passed and I fell straight back to sleep.

It was clear blue skies when I woke up, so everything dried up pretty quickly. I packed up and headed for a shop to get some supplies and breakfast. I had a bacon sarny and a PAR. No PACs! I then followed an off road path right down to the south west of the island to catch a ferry over to Southsea. It was me and just two other people.

Next up it was a ride across Southsea to get another ferry to Gosport. This was a nice little ride with lots of historic military and maritime stuff going down. I honestly can't remember much about that ferry now as it was the second of four and they've all kind of blurred into one!

I was now heading mostly north to Southampton where I'd pick up the ferry over to Hythe. But before that there was another ferry that I wasn't expecting! This was a tiny one that just sort of weaved across the river avoiding all the other boats.

I found my last ferry of the day eventually - it wasn't exactly well signed. In fact I didn't see any signs at all and had to ask at the Isle of Wight ferry ticket office. Anyway, this was a bigger ferry and it was also the furthest. So, with ferries done and dusted, it was into the New Forest.

No sooner had I passed a sign saying as much there were horses everywhere! They're totally chilled and just ignored me.

After a while I got into some open areas with lots of cattle. Lots of stupid cattle that just stood in the road! They were absolutely not moving for anyone or anything. Cars were having to squeeze past them at walking pace. I tucked in behind a car to get through - sort of using the car as a shield in case the cow that was giving me the evil eye decided to attack me or something!

After that I followed NCN2 through some really nice woodland on gravel tracks. This went on for miles and was most pleasant. When I was spewed back onto the road I realised I was only a few miles from the campsite I'd had my eye on. I also realised my rear tyre was flat. There was a big, sharp stone stuck right through the tyre. The perils of riding off road.

Anyway, I found the campsite - really nice and really expensive! Ho hum.. . Well stocked shop, so I bought a whole bunch of stuff to eat.

I've now retired to my tent and will have a read for a bit, but I think I'll be asleep pretty soon! Tomorrow I head into Dorset...


Bike path on Hayling
Ferry over to Portsmouth
28 already and it's only 9 am!
Heading to Portsmouth
Eastney beach
Looking north ish from Southsea
Memorial from 1857
Some bloke with one arm
On ferry to Gosport
On ferry
Near Gosport
Another ferry!
I assume Dani King is from round these parts
Big boat
Looking back to Southampton
Nobody about
Bike with donkeys

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  mikej on 25/07/2019

Dani King was born in Southampton and had a successful career winning world championships and Olympic gold. Now retired her wikipeadia entry is under her married name Dani Rowe

  Karen on 24/07/2019

I thought of you in your tent when I woke up to a thunderstorm at 4am....especially as we narrowly averted a flood situation due to someone leaving a velux window open. The New Forest looks lovely.