Day 4 - Holmsley to Charmouth

Posted by: Rob on 25/07/2019

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Distance: 77.27 mi

25/07/2019 08:17:37 BST

Elev. gain: 3338.91 ft

Total time: 9:15:31

Riding time: 7:07:10

Ave. temp: 53.60 °F

Ave. speed: 10.85 mph

Max speed: 34.90 mph

Ave. power: 0.10 hp

Energy ex.: 8471.86 Btu

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284.23 mi
Into deepest Dorset
Sun Icon  Mostly sunny

OK, this going to have to be brief as it's way past my bedtime!

My friend Simon came down to meet me and we've been out on the town in Lyme Regis!

So my day was basically:

Get up. Get going. Avoid horses. Get to Bournemouth, avoid lobster coloured humans. Ride around Poole Harbour cos the Sandbanks ferry is knackered. Keep following NCN2. Realise what I thought would be a 50 mile ride was actually going to be nearer 80. Get p*ncture again on stoney path. Swear a lot. Encounter some brutally steep hills. Think I'm never going to make it. Eventually get to campsite which is of course at the top of a massive hill. Pitch tent, wait for Simon to arrive, head into town for fish and chips and a nose around. Get dropped back at campsite and here I am!

There, that didn't take long! 


Horses chilling
Mini bridge
Quick 9 holes?
A bit of Poole Harbour
Some sort of openy bridge
Military stuff
Grrr.. Bumpy
Hardy monument
Looking back the way I came
Lyme Regis
Fish and chips with Simon at Lyme Regis
Partially demolished cod and chips

The bottom half of the internet

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  simonparrott on 26/07/2019

Great to meet up Rob, you deserve an easy day today after your superhuman effort yesterday! Mike, the gulls didn't get our chips but they did get my ice cream! Never mind :-)

  Karen on 26/07/2019

Shame the Sandbanks ferry wasn’t running. We went on it in 2014 at the end of an epic 9 hour journey to Swanage. The Dorset scenery looks lovely as always and fish and chips look very tasty!

  Rob on 26/07/2019

The Bournemouth pic was pretty early and also at the far eastern end. Much busier further up!

  mikej on 25/07/2019

Hope you didn't have to share the fish&chips with the seagulls. Good to meet up with Simon. Can't understand how you took a picture of Bournemouth Beach on the hottest day ever and there were only about 4 people on it!?

  Karen on 25/07/2019

Just lost a comment as we lost all internet during a massive thunderstorm...will post more tomorrow but I hope you don’t get this storm