Day 3 - St Stephen to Moortown

Posted by: Rob on 22/05/2024


52.47 mi
22/05/2024 08:00 BST
7.82 mph
29.68 mph
11897.01 Btu
0.11 hp
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
6000.66 ft
5583.33 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
1062.34 ft
116.14 ft
66 °F
52 °F
161.87 mi
325.40 mi
161.87 mi
325.40 mi

Hills and Rain

I had an incredibly good night's sleep. Woke up feeling refreshed, so got packed up and on the road just before 8am.

The weather was OK. A little overcast but pleasant enough. The forecast had a few showers for later, but nothing to be concerned about.

The first town I got to was St Austell, so I stopped at a Coop for a PAR and a croissant. No PACs to be found.

With breakfast done, I continued on my merry way.

I was making reasonable progress, but it was very hilly. Every 10 miles travelled involved over 1000 feet of climbing.

It kept starting to rain, but never came to anything. And then it did. Right when I was coming down an absurdly steep hill!

I managed to stop under some trees, but it was too late - I was already drenched! I got my waterproofs on and tried to carry on, but it was raining so hard, I couldn't see!

So I stopped again. After a while I had to make an emergency exit. I guess the ditches at the side of the road had overflowed as I could see a river racing down the hill towards me!

So I got moving sharpish. It had settled into a steady downpour by now, so I just carried on.

Eventually I crossed an old bridge over the Tamar and into Devon. The rain immediately stopped! After a while the sun even came out so I dried off nicely.

I realised at this point I was unlikely to get over Dartmoor (which was my plan) so I stopped in Tiverton for supplies and consulted Google maps for campsites.

It was still fairly early, but it looked like rain again. I entered Dartmoor national park and had two choices: go to the campsite less than a mile away, or take on the climb to a campsite only about 5 miles away, but about 1000 feet above me!

I took the easy option. Good job too as it started chucking it down as soon as my tent was pitched.

Which is where I am now - in my tent waiting for a gap in the weather so I can go and have a shower.

Campsite is really nice though and the forecast for tomorrow is good!

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Simon on 22/05/2024 22:39:25
Sounds like you judged your stop well! I guess that means you have a 1000 ft climb first thing tomorrow? You will need to get a few PAC/PARs inside you before you start!
Karen on 22/05/2024 20:17:43
Good to see the traditional French pastry based breakfasts starting to make an appearance, even though you didn’t get a PAC. I hope the rain has stopped and that it’s drier tomorrow.