Day 4 - Moortown to West Buckland

Posted by: Rob on 23/05/2024
Devonian view


70.49 mi
23/05/2024 06:49 BST
9.03 mph
31.96 mph
15220.24 Btu
0.11 hp
Elevation Gain
Elevation Gain:
6210.63 ft
6682.41 ft
Elevation Range
Elevation Range:
1506.56 ft
99.08 ft
81 °F
45 °F
232.35 mi
325.40 mi
232.35 mi
325.40 mi

Over Dartmoor

It rained quite a lot during the night, but by the time I was ready to get up it had stopped. So I got packed up super quick and was on the road before 7am!

I wasn't entirely sure what I had in front of me - I just knew it involved a lot of up!

It was actually quite enjoyable. It wasn't super steep, just long and steady.

Unfortunately the weather wasn't really the best for taking photos. I was in the clouds for much of the time!

There were lots of false summits, but I got over the top eventually

By the time I'd come off the moor, I was pretty hungry, so I stopped at a little shop that did hot food and coffee. In fact, they were just taking some freshly baked Cornish pasties out of the oven!

So I had one. It was suitably massive and probably the best Cornish pasty I've ever had. Even though it was made in Devon!

After that I pushed on. Pretty much same old, same old - struggle for ages up a horrendous hill, hammer down the other side. Repeat for a few hours.

Things finally started to flatten out properly once I got to Tiverton. I hit the canal path which made a welcome change.

As I neared Taunton I needed to find a campsite. I tried quite a few, but they were all ignoring their phones. Their websites were mostly broken, so the only one I could actually speak to was just a couple of miles away.

Pleasant enough site. Almost empty. I just have the birds singing and the dulcet tones of the M5 for company!

The bottom half of the internet

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mikej on 23/05/2024 23:53:26
Looks like good progress, Rob, and on schedule for Bristol. Hope all goes well tomorrow. Man coming to fix washing machine in the morning (I hope)
Karen on 23/05/2024 20:38:26
Lovely views and very atmospheric in the video. Those ponies looked like they might decide to block your route through but I’m guessing they got out of the way
Rob on 23/05/2024 21:02:01
They were actually standing in side road I wasn't taking. I tried to get closer for a better picture, but unsurprisingly, they shuffled away!
Simon on 23/05/2024 20:05:56
Shame about the clouds but beautiful scenery anyway. I'm a sucker for a good pasty and that one looked good. See you tomorrow!
Rob on 23/05/2024 21:02:25
It was exceptional!